NE Archive:

Here you will find old versions of the website and old files that have accumulated throughout the years. There's nothing of any real importance here except for those curious of the history of the site and for my own nostalgic record keeping.

Lost Files
I found the perfect quote to describe this section: "You don't need to think that its only you who has a hundred incomplete programs in your QBasic folder, or floating around on floppy disks or on USB memory sticks. We all do, so be proud of your collection, even if it's just for your own sake." - Jack Thomson for the QBasic Station

Eriksen Inc Website - (3/9/1999)
This is the original Nukem Enterprises website. This isn't how the site always looked. I just found a copy from the day I tried out frames for the first time. I thought it was interesting. The frames don't work right (they open in the same frame as the link) but you can see the obvious connection with the next version of the NE website.

Eriksen Inc Website - (3/28/1999)
This is where it started. (It even goes back to the first update). This is how the site looked 99% of the time it was active. It was a no-flare, simple, GeoCities Qbasic website. It's pretty interesting to see how much things have changes since then. (In style and personality). At the time I was around 8th-9th grade! =-o!

The Official Doomed home page - (8/28/2000)
Here is the homepage I created for the QBasic project I had called Doomed. The page itself actually predates this site by about a week and a half. There was also another project site for Wry that was even older than one but it looks like that is most likely lost forever. None of the links in the archived version work anymore except the downloads page. Interestingly enough that Doomed download page was used as part of the NE website up until the late 2002 redesign. Download links don't work and can be found in the Lost Files section if you want them.

Nukem Enterprises Web Site - (11/19/2002)
This is the second layout of the NE website. This layout was kept through Sublime Inc. to the current naming scheme. As you can see, the original websites were much darker than the current. (Yes, it's possible). This site existed from around 1999-2002. It existed at and later at . It's funny to see the last update was in regards to Wry 3! (which still has yet to come out. :P) This was still a Qbasic only website.

Nukem Enterprises' Programming Web Site - (8/22/06)
This was the last design of the website. This design lasted from November 2002 to August 2006. It was still dark in design but a lot more user friendly. (No more annoying frames). As you can also see, the site has moved from its original "Qbasic Only" website genre to a general "Programming website" encapsulating the Qbasic, C/C++, and Java platforms which is still hosts to this day.

Nukem Enterprises - "The Down-Time Years" - (6/18/09)
This is sort of a stand-by NE website that was hosted on GeoCities during the time when I was hosting the main site on my own server locally. The main site had HORRIBLE uptime as it was just running on a Linux box in my bedroom. When the main site was down, I would point the website URL to this endpoint as a placeholder with an update as to what's going on (if I remembered). The interesting thing about this site is its super compact layout. There is just a link to the forums, a "latest thread ticker" and updates. Latest update is about GeoCities finally closing for good.

Nukem Enterprises - (2/13/17)
This is the website as it stood with final version of the layout after its revamped facelift in 2006. This is the version of the site after I removed all the user contribution sections that no one used. NE Archive links on this entry do not work as they are already all posted on this page.