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August 28, 2000
Well, for all of you that haven't been to the Nukem Enterprises web site, I canceled this project about 1/2 a year ago, it's just an archive now, sorry if there was anybody who wanted to see this game!

March 9, 1999
I have no updates... I've been working really hard on LOST. After lost is released I will hope to update this page and it's game more often!

Febuary 13, 1999
Yesterday I released a version of DOOMED that was very messed up. When you run it, it would make the printer print blank pages and BEEP at a very high pitch. The new on is up and working. I'm sorry to say that I had to get rid of the sound :( Quick Basic refused to make an EXE with the sound. That's what mad it crash. Well the fixed version is ready to download. Have fun! I left the password thing on. The next Tech demo will have a different password. The password is in the README file. I released older versions of DOOMED!

Febuary 12, 1999
I released the Tech Demo of DOOMED. It has one deatmatch level that crashes but you can get the basic idea of the menu, setup, ect. The setup doesn't work with the game yet but this will be corrected. I add some music thing at the begining and end screen. I added a READ ME in the game that include a FAQ, a Help thing and credits. Well try it out for yourself! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!

Febuary 11, 1999
I desided to make this page. Everything is NEW! I've been working on this game scince the summer! Doomed is a Game (exe form) that I am made in Qbasic. Thats it, done, no more updates!

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