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6/18/09 @ 11:24PM : GeoCities Closing!

After 11 years of being online with GeoCities it appears they're closing for good. Soon too might I add. I guess I would have got the memo if I was updating a bit more frequently. :D. Now it's time to pack my bags and move out and look for another free hosting site. Wish me luck...

3/12/09 @ 1:24AM : Happy 10th Birthday NE!

Another year! I can't believe it. More so, I can't believe I've had this site for 10 years. That's a whole decade this site has been around to get little to no visitors. Amazing... Surely an accomplishment in failure for the ages! :D Anyway, enough rambling, on with what people also don't care about...

So. I decided to revamp this page seeing that it's probably going to be this way for a while. I brought back the "new design" along with a nice little "Most recent post" thing also on the left. I think it looks better, at least for the time being.

No, I haven't taken Puck up on that offer yet, or even asked him again... obviously. (Otherwise you wouldn't be viewing this muck! :D) I did retrieve the whole old website off the old failing server drive in it's entirety. There shouldn't be a need for any reconstruction time once I have a web server that will allow me to host it. Until then though, Geocities has always been good to me and will be this sites home while I sort things out.

Oh! I retrieved the old news from the main website before it went down. I put it under the posts that were on the geocities side page. You'll find them if you scroll down. After this message I'm going to start doing the news like before, very slowly and in order. (None of this mixed message stuff I have going on now. :) )

I guess that's it for now,

Start of "Site down" news.

News: 11-18-08 @ 1:05PM

So, I never resolved the ISP problem on the old server... as you can see. I'm lazy, we all know. I moved the site back to Geocities for now. Puckdropper said a long time ago I could use his hosting as a mirror. I think I'm going to take him up on that. This site has been down WAY too long for my liking.

...More updates when I remember to. :D

- Erik

News: 4-7-08 @ 4:44PM

Router has been breaking static IP for no reason on network. I switched to DHCP and leases aren't renewing, they're getting a new IP every 24 hours. Need to further see what's fugging up. Until then, this page is here again... woo...

New comic, enjoy!

- Erik

News: 7-9-07 @ 12:25PM

Long time no see eh? Well, here's a post straight from the message board about this current "situation". I might be able to work something out but idk. Shouldn't be out too long.

Web site woes...
Mon Jul 9, 2007 12:24PM

Website is down. It's, as we all know, summer time again and that means my 
room == 5.6 billion degrees. There's no AC upstairs and my server isn't liking
the heat. It's managed to freeze 2 times in the past day. Last night I just 
left it off and haven't turned it on since.

It's suppose to get cooler the end of this week so we'll see how that 
goes. :\

- Erik

News: 11-21-06 @ 11:04AM

Website is down, AGAIN! Stupid cablevision keeps killing my IP and refreshing it. Sorry everyone. I'll get things back up and running when I get home today. (It's a late day, I won't be home until about 8pm).
- Erik

News: 11-8-06 @ 11:18AM

Well, I'm an idiot. The sound crashed on the server so I reset it. I didn't think to check to see if the IP address changed or the computer was at the configured IP address for the router. Long story short: It's down until I get home tonight after the dentist. (I'm thinking probably around 7ish). Sorry about that...
- Erik

News: 10-23-06 @ 10:15PM

The website is down and I'm fully aware of it. I'm currently updating the ol' 486 to Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and testing out my NIC. Seeing that I only have one ethernet cable ran to my room, I'm bumping the server off until I'm done. The site should be back to normal come 8:00am the latest.

- Erik

News: 10-13-06 @ 12:26PM

The regular website appears to be down right now. I'm at work and can't access it. I'm assuming my router has once again crashed. Sorry for this everyone. For the time being I guess we're all just going to have to "sit tight" and wait for me to get home.

- Erik

End of "Site down page news"

2/13/08: Happy 9th Birthday NE! Also New QB File added!

Wow, 9 years I've had this site. That's quite a feat. I just doubled checked the year and went back to the archives to the old GeoCities site to the 7th B-Day in 2006 and it was talking about Wry 3.3. Isn't it funny how it's still not out? (Some day... some day....Just think "Numb" and there will be hope.)

And besides that proud / sad realization of the age of this page's content, we have some fresh blood abound! (not literally) New file contribution, and the first official one also! It comes from Logan Glasson and it's call "Peanuts". It's fun puzzle game for QuickBasic. Check it out over in the Qb files section or just be lazy and click here! It's under "Other Peoples Files". Enjoy!

1/25/08: Happy belated holidays/New year!

Sorry for the lack up updates. Truth be told, not much has been happening on my end that's been website related. In some news though, I updated the link to the current location of the NEMB. (The forum host decided to change my antiquated URL finally. :P)

OH YEAH! It's been finished for over a month but I completely updated the server! By updated, I mean "Move to newer faster computer". It's been working great and hopefully will be less laggy on all you five end users. ha.

9/22/07: To-Do's finally done!

Well, it took me long enough but I finally got around to fixing the server problems I had going on before. It took me a solid 3 hours to get everything squared away and I must say, it was well worth it. I was able to get everything running w/o having to reinstall the OS (which is a major plus) and even got newer versions of a ton of my software to boot! :)

In other news, I started working on a Net Shell similar to the one I was working on for that RPG project I had a year or so ago. It's going to be a telnet like program that can also do other internal commands (not just the ones on the computer itself). If anyone has any ideas of what they'd like to see, let me know and maybe I'll be able to swing something.

9/8/07: Very important!

Uh yeah, so I did the update to the server through an SSH connection while at school. (Not the brightest of ideas) I managed to kill all GTK+ based applications. This left me with no way of access the router with a browser able to pass credentials to log in and update the IP address after the reboot. I updated the IP via another computer but the dependencies remain broken. I'll keep you posted if I manage to fix them. *sigh*

9/5/07: Not so important...

Major behind the scenes updates on the server. I've increased the ram and upgraded everything so it's all up-to-date. I know this isn't really worth posting, but hell... I haven't had any other news to put here so why not eh? I might (but probably not) make a Qbasic program to throw up to this site sometime this month.

7/22/07: I'm a mascot!?!

Well, I was doing so more web searches just because I was bored and came across some interesting news. Apparently, 7 years ago back in 2000, JMB/Shadow/5h4d0w/apocalypse (Whatever he calls himself these days...) nominated ME over at Qb Inquirer to be the mascot for a QB Expo... I don't even think I was ever even TOLD of this. :D Gotta love spoof zines.., an interesting find. You can read the full article here: Click!

Oh... and I started working on some Qb game or something...

7/16/07: Old unannounced news now news! (sort of...)

So, a while back I tried doing that whole "favicon.ico" thing where you get the little image in the address bar for this website. It never worked and drove me insane. I finally got that working. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to do. I hope everyone enjoys the "wonderful" black and white "NE" image now! ...hurray? (Note: I know it's not on the individual projects pages or file specific pages in general, that would just be too much work for a lazy person such as myself...)

Oh, and I also found a forgotten version of the NEMB over at some random server doing a yahoo search. It's from ~2003, a strange year to have a new forum in the history of this site. (Not a very active year). Well, any way, that's now located in the Archive section of the website. Check it out if you care...

7/11/07: Heat and computers don't mix.

Well, the site is back up for now. If you're wondering what happened, I logged a bit of an update over at the geocities page that this site gets diverted to when this computer is "out". So yeah, here it is below

Update from http://www.geocities.com/nukemn0w/down.html
  News: 7-9-06 @ 12:25PM

  Long time no see eh? Well, here's a post straight from the message board about 
  this current "situation". I might be able to work something out but idk. 
  Shouldn't be out too long.

  Web site woes...
  Mon Jul 9, 2007 12:24PM

  Website is down. It's, as we all know, summer time again and that means my 
  room == 5.6 billion degrees. There's no AC upstairs and my server isn't liking
  the heat. It's managed to freeze 2 times in the past day. Last night I just 
  left it off and haven't turned it on since.

  It's suppose to get cooler the end of this week so we'll see how that goes. :\

  - Erik


6/4/07: New possible QB program.

I started work on a quick top view action game called "Rebel" in qbasic. It's going to be really simple. We're talking, walk one screen to the next killing things. I'm just throwing it together to get some much needed programming practice. If I finish it, I'll be sure to post it up and perhaps someone will get some joy out of it. :P

5/16/07: New Blurred Visions!

Blurred Visions is back after many years w/ a new website. I updated it in the link section. If figured this was news worthy and.. yeah, that's why it's here. Enjoy the site. Blurred Visions Link

4/20/07: Laziness and other things.

Fully aware of the links being down. (They've actually been down the whole time the site has been running live). I've disabled them to keep people from getting 404 errors and perhaps I'll get around to fixing them sometime in the near future. Sorry everyone for the lack of updates, I've been busy with school and work and all the likes. (Not really, but it sounds believable right?)

2/18/07: Broken Links

Hey Nuke, looks like the nemb saga archive links aren't working.

2/7/07: Sublime Inc. Club found! ...& Rpg development

Puckdropper managed to find the old Sublime Inc. club from 1999-2000 on yahoo! I added it to the NE Archive section. If you want to read stuff from back then, you have to go to the "oldest" posts everything after that is about 7 years worth of spam. haha.

I also worked out the basics of the Qbasic RPG battle engine. It's pretty much what the old C++ had in it's demo form. I'm going to tinker with it a bit more so it's not so "harsh" on the eyes. Well, that's it!

2/1/07: Minor updates to please the masses.

I finally added some more questions to the FAQ. Nothing really important, but it's an update none-the-less. Also, I started working on that C++ RPG that the source got corrupt on. This time I'm writting it in Qbasic and it's coming along rather nice. I know, it's never going to get finished. I mean, look at Doors now! I might throw out a few screens to you guys though or even a crappy DEMO! *audience awes and amazement*.

1/15/07: The Joys of Networking...

Perhaps some of the more significant news I've updated thus far this new year. I finally did a firmware upgrade on my routers software. It appears that it's connecting correctly to my DDNS server. (In the past it was failing w/o giving a reason). I'm hoping networking problems are finally solved, but we'll see. (Jeeze, how many times have we all heard this schpeel before!?!)

In other news, I'm having problems loading the contents of a file into a matrix in Qbasic. There doesn't seem to be an easy way besides manual entry thus far. The post concerning this can be found: Here. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

1/12/07: New Year, New Project (sort of)

Yep, I've decided to recreate the old "Doors" project again from scratch. (Sound familiar? Hellbent, Wry 3, now this?) I've programmed quite a bit and it seems like it's going to be a pretty easy project to complete. I'm not going for the full out OS like I was back in ~1999/2000 now I'm just happy with a little TUI that's a mix between Windows 3.x and Dos Shell. (Note: No graphical support, thus the TUI). I posted some screen shots, old as they might be now, on the forums or you can just go to the directory. It's located: Here.

In other news, I'm still having some fights keeping the website up and running all the time. It's not my servers fault, it's my ISP. When their connection drops I get thrown back in the DHCP pool and I'm given a new IP. That shouldn't be a problem w/ my Dynamic DNS but there's a problem w/ the Router software and it's not automatically updating like it should. So if the website is down, you'll know why...

12/5/06: New File & Website Developement

Yes that's right! Things are actually happening over here at NE! (Unless you read my pre-planned thread on the forum :D). So on to the real news. I released a small command line parser that gives you an alternate way of using the Windows "Runas" command. It uses the same syntax as Linux's "su". I wrote in C to protect against people spying into the source and figuring it out. (Source is included in the files section though). Idk, you might have fun w/ it. It's at this location: Here

Website developement too? Yep! We're (as in Puckdropper) is redoing the website yet again! This time it's going to be SQL backed so we won't have to type everything in like we are now. It'll be run more like a "modern" and real website. The site is going to go back to a tabled view for compatibility reasons. (Every browser currently views the site different as is). More news as that progresses also.

11/27/06: Hopefully more uptime!

I know I've been complaining a lot about my website's uptime due to my ISP and ever changing IP address. (You can check out all that fun information at this location.) I've decided to use a DDNS service (Dynamic Domain Name Service). My router comes equiped with software to talk to the DynDNS servers to automagically update when my IP gets changed due to a myraid of possibilies. (all of which I've seem to encounter in the past month. :P)

Unfortunately, DynDNS does not support port redirection as well as http data, where No-IP does. So, to fix this, I have my DynDNS domain as http://eriks.selfip.com, but it's only accessable when you include the port number that my router has Http data trafficed through. I then set my No-IP domain to point to my DynDNS domain, which dynamically points to my ever changing i'net location. :P It works great! No need to change my domain name or anything!

Long Story Short: Uptime will no longer be down due to IP address changes. :)

11/20/06: Some more updates...

Ok, I know there are a few links down in the NE Archive. (Namely the ones going to longest post, and the sagas). They have been down since the new site went up. I was in such a rush to get the site down, I forgot about those few pages. (Looks like I wasn't in a rush to resolve the problem though. :P). Hopefully I'll be able to get them up before the end of Thanksgiving break.

In other news, I've started "hxc" programming in Assembly. (MASM to be exact). I'm liking it A LOT. I've started to mess with using BIOS interrupts and I'm thinking of making a simple RPG game using them. (Very simple). If all works out, we could be looking at the removal of the Java section of the website and the introduction to the Assembly section! (...but that's a lot of work). More news as it digresses. haha

11/19/06: Updates

Since you gave me access, your website's seen the fastest updates it's ever seen. Not a week after I got the new domain (but close) both the site link and message board link are pointing to the new one.
Have a nice day.

10/31/06: Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I may not have an update, but I can say that it's Halloween. Yep. Ain't it dandy? Ok, enough of the theatrics. I dabbled in the idea of possibly having a tables based version of the website still. The CSS one I have now doesn't work with text based browsers or older ones. I thought maybe this would be a good compatibility thing-a-mo-bob. To see the latest, or not so latest, I've done, go here: http://www.geocities.com/nukemn0w/test/. (No, none of the links work).

10/5/06: Hunk of Junk #7!?!

Oh this is amazing. By searching Google Code Search for "Hunk\ of\ junk", #7 on the list is the one and only Nukem Enterprises "Wry 1". Puckdropper brought this to my attention tonight. For a direct link to this amazing find, Click Here! (No gurantee that link will always work).

10/3/06: I'm an idiot

Yep. Thanks to my friends who pointed out my acronym stupidity. It's fixed now and yeah... I'm an idiot.

9/24/06: WIP announcement.

So yeah, acronyms are back in style incase you didn't know. I mean, why else would I be using one in the title? Ok, I'm going to stop rambling before I fall too far behind. ...getting back on track... WIP = Work in progress. My friend Mike and I are working on a strategy "board game" in C++ based off the actual board game "Zombie Plague". We're still in the early stages of the engine and are only working on it one night a week. Check out the website: http://www.fortressfigures.com/zombieplague/ for more game information and how it's played.

8/23/06: New site has gone live!

Welcome Everyone! To the new Nukem Enterprises! (...and apparently a new era of bad grammar. :P) As you can see, the whole site has been redone from top to bottom. There may still be some dead links. If you find any please Tell me about it! I've tried to go through the site as best I could but I'm only one man. Feel free to start contributing information. If you need help please go to the Help Page. Following is a few quick things you may want to know.

1) The "Lost Files" section is now located in the NE Archive at the top instead of being a sub � section of the files area.
2) Files, links, and such are mostly in alphabetical order for easier browsing.
3) Contributing stuff to the website does not mean you have to register.
4) Full copies of old NE sites are now locally hosted in the NE Archive instead of located at their original GeoCities URL. (That means no more ads!).

Enjoy the new site!


All material created by Erik unless otherwise noted. I take no responsibility for the views and the actions of the visitors to this website.
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