Lost Files:

Here is the graveyard of NE programs. There are files from throughout this sites history spewed about this area. Almost all these files are unfinished and not really of any use besides just curiosity.

C/C++ Files | Java Files | Qbasic Files

C/C++ Files

Earlier version of "RPG v0.0.25" (And Source code) - 05/26/03 (Win32)
I was finally able to recover some form of the long lost code for the RPG "beta" (if you can call it that) that has been listed in the C++ files section for probably about 15 years. I thought the original source had been lost forever due to becoming corrupt but I managed to find a version of it that is close to what's in the files section on an old floppy disk. Not too much interesting here, you can walk around and talk to villagers while randomly being thrown into a battle against an enemy. (Either a wounded soldier or a regular soldier).

I've included two versions. The original version does not have the "conio.c" header that contains all the screen writing functions (gotoxy, clrscr, etc). It also has a compiled executable of the app that works. The other version is a modified version I made now (02/20) with an old version of a conio2 type header I found to make it work. Controls are switched from the arrow keys to "wasd" for the "fixed" version. Project is made in Dev-C++ and loads up fine with the latest version that's still available. (Surprisingly still the same website from 2005...)

Note: Both versions contain "exe" files that can be run if you don't care about compiling.
Fixed Version With Missing Header File | Original Source Unmodified | Screenshots

Erik's Game - 03/25/04 (Win32)
"Erik's Game" is probably a contender for a worst game name ever award. In this unfinished game you walk around and collect asterisks for points. The double gold bar aka yellow equals sign will end the level with a nice colorful congratulations screen. If there were some bad guys added and more than one level, it actually wouldn't be half bad. As it is now, it's just an interesting and forgotten piece of NE history.


ASCII RPG Source - 08/30/05 (Win32)
This is the same ASCII RPG listed below but the last version of the source after I ported it over to Win32. From what I can gather, everything else is pretty much the same. Compiled version is in the Debug directory (rpg.exe) if interested.


ASCII RPG Source (Linux)
This was an RPG I was working on summer of 2005. I was making a Linux console version of Hellbent. Well, sort of. This was going to be an improvement with completely random game play. Each area you entered was genereated randomly. It was going all well until I ported it over to Win32 console for the ASCII table and abandoned the project. Here's the source files for the Linux version.
To compile: Switch to the extracted directory and type this at the command prompt. (given you have g++). And then run the "rpg" file you just created.

g++ -o rpg -I/usr/include main.cpp Cenemy.cpp Cdraw.cpp Cplayer.cpp LConsole.cpp

If that does not work because of linking failures, try the following. I just compiled as of 9/2017 with the following build string in the base directory:

g++ -o rpg *.cpp


Classic Guess My Number - 4/9/03 (Win32/DOS?)
Here's a classic "guess my number" game I wrote back in 2003. You get six chances to guess a random number between 0 and 50. The game will tell you if you've guessed too high or too low until you're out of guesses. Yadda, yadda, yadda... we've all played this game before and this one is no different.


Matrix (2 Versions) - 2004 (Win32)
Apparently I wrote two matrix (like the movie) screen demos back in 2004. One version runs quickly and displays a message if you leave it up long enough, the other runs slowly and will just keep going until you exit. No real purpose to these but they're here to download with their source files if interested.


Bar Chart v1.0 (Win32/DOS)
This program is just like the Java counterpart. It gets a user inputed amount of bars, their values, and then displays them. It also gives the total of all the entered bar chart values. IMO this one came out better than the Java one. Source, and Executable included.


Data Base v1.0 (Win32/DOS)
A DOS Data Base program that is more or less just a phone book. It takes the person's first and last name and then takes their area code and phone number. After all the information is entered it displays it in a neat, readible way. Unfortunatly due to file saving and creating problems (aka my inexperience at the time I wrote this), I was unable to include a way to save your data base.


Equal Fill v0.5 (Win32/DOS)
Well, this program takes the total value of a user entered amount and splits it into 2 containers. Then graphs it out. It's pretty pointless but if you want to check it out you can. Originally it was going to allow you to adjust the values but my inexperience in the language at the time kept me from keeping it in this version .


NEC v2.0 (DOS)
NEC stands for Nukem Enterprises Calculator, and that's just what this program is. It's a simple C++ created DOS calculator. In v2 I fixed the problem of only being to add 2 numbers along with the quit error. I also added a much more user friendly setup of the whole program.

Download | Download v1.0

NE Editor v1.0.0.223 (Win32/DOS)
This is a simple Dos based text editor. In this program you can create and view ".ne" files. ".ne" files are plain text files with the .ne extension, which was more a less a bad idea at the time but I'm not about to go and change it years later. In this version, paragraphs and suchs are a little annoying and as of now you can only create and view files in the editors folder. Not to be confused with the newer Linux NE File Editor in C++ files section


Simple Mad Lib Program (Win32/DOS)
This is my first C++ program, it's another Mad Lib program. (see Qbasic downloads). It's a lot shorter and it's basically me just testing out the new programming environment. It's about a paragraph in length. It's worth the short download. (in exe form)

Medieval Battle - 11/23/2005 (Win32/DOS)
I'm not really even exactly sure what this project was. It looks to be an SDL project I started that had two Vikings and a background that the code loaded and displayed but those graphic assets have been lost to time so I can't even say what it would have looked like. I'm adding this to the lost files because, for me, it's so lost I don't even remember it!

Java Files

Multiplication Education Program v3
This is a cool project I had to do for my Computer Science class in 2003. It was fun to make and it's pretty cool to use. It asks you how many questions you want to ask and then asks you that amount of multiplication questions (random of course). After that you get a percentage display screen of the amount correct, wrong and percent correct. Check it out if you want.

Java Bar Graph v1.0
This program is basically the same as the C++ counterpart. The C++ version is set up neater and with more error detections. This version still works fine if you want to download it. The JOptionPane's make the program look more user friendly though.

Nukem Enterprises Java Average Program ver 1.0
This program calculates the average of whatever amount of numbers you would like to enter. If as if the rediculous long (and unoriginal) name didn't give it away. It's the first official Java program I've created outside of school. It's not great and it has cancel errors, worth a try though...

Qbasic Files

Numb - The Stupid Adventures Of JollyR Unfinished Version - 03/09/2005
Here is an unfinished version of Numb (stilled called LOST.bas) from what appears to be 2005 from the last modified date though all the dates in the file reference 2002. It is similar to the released version of the code except that it has a ton more typos everywhere and is lacking around 250 lines or so of story code. The game looks to end abruptly when you go and search for the Holy Grail in England. This game took me so long to finish for some reason. I'm actually surprised there aren't many more versions of it floating around.

The Lost Adventure (Numb - The Stupid Adventures Of JollyR Unfinished Version) - 10/08/2002
Here is an even earlier version of Numb that predates the name of the game that I recovered from my XT's hard drive. Strangely it's named "Lost" like Wry was before that name was changed as well. It looks to be from when I first started working on it back in 2002. This version only continues up until the choice to select east or west somewhat early in the game.

Mr Face's Screen 0 Adventure - 2002-2006? (unknown)
This file was also recovered from my XT's hard drive but does not have a date on the file (just the default 1980 date). From what I can tell, I wrote this on my XT at some point in the early to mid 2000s. There's not much to it except a title screen and the first area where you can walk around. The bad guys and "pits" are generated and placed but do not do anything and they don't hurt you when you touch them.

Animation Thingy
This is another one of Eriksen Inc's (Nukem Enterprises's) first files. It's a stupid animation thing I made that was actually in the files section for a number of years. It was in binary only though. I managed to find a copy of the source for your viewing pleasure. (It's pretty crude output and the source is no better!).

Blazin' Fire
This was a somewhat on going project of mine. I was motivated back when Retna released his "Jared Subway adventure" and was determined to make a graphical side action game. (Compared to all my ASCII text games of the past). The source file crashed for me before the title screen when I ran it. It did a pre-graphics load and completed that just fine though. If I remember correctly I did manage to get to the title screen way back when on my old 486... Anyway, this project died because at the time it was wayyyyyyy too far out of my league. (I had no idea what I was even typing. :P)

This was the first Qbasic program I've ever really written. Well, atleast the first that manifested into something. (Even if it is a whole lot of nothing. :P) I was trying to make a skateboarding game, and obviously I didn't know really what I was doing. This is the executable (the source is long gone) and it only has a title screen and a menu. Everything past that was way beyond my capabilities at the time. Good just for historic purposes.

Doomed Project (1998-1999)
Doomed v0.1 Source For all of you that don't know, Doomed was a very very very early project of mine back when I first started programming. It was suppose to be a spoof of the original Doom but with just ridiculous Qbasic graphics and such. This is the earliest version of the game I have left. It's from the first day I sat down and did anything with it. There's nothing but a title screen and that's about it. Enjoy!

Doomed v0.2 Source This is the source to the second demo of Doomed. The game was original a "Doom" clone (before the spoof idea) and that's the name I've given it in this demo. The title screen is actually quite impressive on how close it is to the actual Doom logo. The menus have some options to them, I think there's even a secrets area built in. There's no actual game though in this demo. I hope you enjoy!

Doomed v0.3 Source + Others This is the third and final demo release of Doomed I ever did. I changed the name over to "Doomed" in this version and changed around the colors a bit. The whole program has a nicer feel. There's also a random "hs.dat" and "setup.dat" files that do absolutely nothing. There's also a useless setup.bas that is a fake setup for the game. NOTE: The link brings you to the folder where you can then download each file
Download | Another version (QB4.5 format)

Doors - Early 2007 Version
This is a version I found of Doors I rewrote from scratch in late 2006 and early 2007. In this version you can create, name, size and place new group windows as well as run shell commands from the run option in the file menu. This version didn't end up making it very far in development but it did introduce a new idea of drawing the screen via a character array videobuffer instead of regular whole line print commands of the original version. I'm not sure if this is actually any faster but it does make it easier to update just specific sections of the screen I guess...

Doors 2000 Project (1999-2000)
Eriksen Inc OS/2 Source This is the early version of Doors 2000, back when it was still called Eriksen Inc. OS/2. It's basically the same exact thing as the demo used to be that was posted in the old files section. I decided to include the source so you can see how horrible it was programmed. :P NOTE: The link brings you to the folder where you can then download each file

Sublime Inc OS/2 Source This is the version from when I was going to have JMB (Apocalypse at the time) help me program this. The name has changed from Eriksen Inc. OS/2 to Sublime Inc. OS/2. This reflects the name change of the "company" I was programming under. The source code is a little commented, which is good but the over all "Sloppiness" is still there. :P

OS 911 (Doors 2000 rip-off) This is the Optimum Soft version of my Doors "OS". He didn't actually do anything except completely take all credit for my work in every way, shape, and form. I just posted this so everyone can see why it's not always a good idea to trust people. I was young and stupid at the time and I regret it now that I'm older. (I looked like a fool.) In anycase, don't run the setup files. It attempts to change the clock time in your CMOS settings. It's using a Pheonix bios program and will probably mess up peoples computers pretty bad if they run it. Enjoy? NOTE: The link brings you to the folder where you can then download each file

Doors 2000 Demo 3 Source This is a slightly different version than the one released. I was teamed up with "Optimum Soft" or whatever. He was helping me develope the OS. Actually, he was more just ripped off all my programming and taking credit for himself. His company's "Logo" is displayed in this version but was later taken out in the final version because I noticed exactly what he was doing.

Eriksen Inc OS/2 Word Processor Source This is a Word Processing program I was apparently writing for Eriksen Inc/OS (or Doors 2000). It doesn't work all and you have to comment out almost every option before it will even display anything. It's just a cool view of what could have been. (probably not.)

Doors 2000 Screen Savers This is the source code the the screen savers in Doors 2000. They were created by Marcus Ortiz. He made the program and then modified it specifically for the Doors project. It's quite impressive.

Lead Man
Ah, Lead Man. This was going to be the NE platform game of the year for me. Too bad I had no idea how to program such a thing (and continued to have no idea until Grimace 1-2 years later! =-o!) I lost the source when my old 486's hard drive crashed but I found screen shots of it sitting on my GeoCities account. I posted them here because the game was actually pretty decent looking for being a "1st year" NE program. :)
Screen Shots

Let Me Guess Source
I'm assuming this was the same exact version of Guess that was in the files section years ago. I found it on an old floppy disk in my room that's why I'm assuming it may be a "lost file". Unfortunatly, it seems the source got corrupt about 1/2 way though. If you remove that last line the program should still run.

I managed to get a copy of this open. It's the copy I added to the bottom of this box. It's saved in Qb4.5 format. (I'm still not sure about the original though). It's not a Doors program it's more or less an "About me" in program form. The input isn't done correctly though and everything falls through. Not all that interesting...
Download | Download another version (Qb4.5 Format)

Nov DOS Source
I started working on a command prompt based "OS", I should more accurately say "shell" for DOS in qbasic shortly after the Doors project failed. This is a very basic command prompt that doesn't actually do anything except run commands pre-programmed within itself. (It doesn't actually see out onto your computer). I found 2 versions of the source but I can't test either b/c they're both in Qbasic 7.1 format.
Download | Download an older version

Terror Project (1999-2001?)
Terror Pre-Demo Source This is an extremely old version of Terror. Back when I was undecided between "To be or Not to be" and "Fear the Unknown". (I gave it to a vote which it should be). In this version I didn't even start the actual game. It's just the menus and such. It also has an extremely old ASCII "stats" screen hidden in it. Quite strange....

Terror Demo Source This is the source code of the original demo that was/is released in the files section of the website. I believe I only included the compiled version of the program (which runs a lot faster). If anyone cares to see what's going on behind the scenes in that ancient demo, here ya go!

Terror Post-Demo (Pre-new) Source This is the version of Terror after the demo was released. I actually programmed in another hallway and another room. (bedroom.) The bedroom had a closet with a secret staircase that would bring you up to the second floor. (This is where I stopped.) I managed to find a version of the game with these areas still intact. This is the furthest the old version of terror ever got. There's also a new "Secret Mode" option in the main menu that does nothing.

Terror Room Drawing (New Version) Source This is all that's left of the new version of Terror. The rest of it is still stuck in a bad sector on the floppy disk where I extracted this from. I used 2 files when I was programming that game. I had this file so I could draw rooms right away without having to travel through the whole game to see where my lines were being drawn. After I drew it here I would copy it over into the actual game. This was the last room I was working on. (Upstairs hallway door after the stairs collapsed. [about 1/2 through the game]).

Time Waster Source
Yet another very early Eriksen Inc (Nukem Enterprises) program. This one slowly counts up to two minutes and then displays a very obnoxious message at the end. The only difference from this file and the one rotting on the old website is that the message is signed "NukemNOW" instead of "Eriksen Inc.". Other than that it's the same garbage.

Variables Tutorial Source
This is a VERY old tutorial I wrote way back in 1999. It's extremely BASIC (pun intended). I wrote this back before I even knew what I was talking about. You can probably tell this just by actually reading this hunk of garbage. Anyway, here it is in all it's glory after 7 years. (Or more depending on how much time has passed!)

Wry Project (1999-2000)
Wry v0.2 (Early Beta) This is a pre-beta-alpha-mega-gamma release of Wry 1 that I found rotting on my computer. It's completely untouched. (As you can see by the "date modified" of 2/15/1999) and a snapshot of the program at that point in developement. It is still going by the old title of "Lost".

Wry v0.311 (Late Beta) This is probably one of the more interesting Wry 1 (Lost) source codes. It's version 0.311. This one has all the regular 3 episodes (Unfinished) and as the reward for winning you get a preview of the "Lost 2 Demo". There's nothing past the menu in the demo but it was a cool idea. Just to give you a heads up it's saved in Qb4.5 format.

Wry v0.412 (Late Pre-Release) This is the version of Wry JUST before it was released. I mean like maybe a 1/2 an hour to an hour. I remember programming it at my kitchen table. This was basically my "beta testing" version before I spit out the final release. This stage of development was extremely rushed so I'm sure there's not many (if any) changes from the final version of Wry except the version number on the title screen. Don't quote me on that though.

Wry Monochrome (2020)
Here are two of the "in-progress" versions of the Wry Monochrome release during the few days I was working on this Wry update. Nothing too interesting in either except that they are lacking features from the final release. Probably the only interesting fact is that these zip files were created on my IBM XT using PKZIP and they still work on modern computers.
Download v0.1 | Download v0.2

Wry 3 : ver. 0.3.01 (02/2006)
This looks to be a really early version of the 'final' Wry 3 engine. It currently just has the title screen and the choices off of that completed. The actual game just has two screens (2nd one repeating) where you can jump around in or press F1 for help. There's no enemies or really anything to do.

Zelda Source
This is the source code to my first released program, "Zelda". It's the same as the compiled version in the files section, this is just the source of that. Enjoy!