Lost Lead Man Screen shots!

This was the title screen of the now lost .bas file. It was quite impressive for it's time. Lead Man was also one of my first projects using graphics in Qbasic. (The first being Terror, which was also completely hardcoded). Lead Man was my attempt at trying to create some type of "mascot" esque game... Even though we all know Mr. Face has been doing a fine job since Wry 1. :)

This is an in game shot. The movement of everything (and everything!) was hardcoded so you could only move about 3 steps and jump up and down in them. There was no math or geometry brought in at all. This completely ridiculous way of doing things was the reason this project failed faster than any of my other projects. It does look nice though doesn't it? (It sort of reminds me of the arcade classic "BattleZone" with all the wireframe drawings :P)