Welcome to Eriksen Inc! We (I) am a company that makes Qbasic games. The games are NOT in bas form. They ARE in exe. Well maybe some will be in bas form. Early versions of my games. (or if Quick basic will refuse to make it an exe)

March 28, 1999

March 25, 1999
There was an update yesterday! I tried frames again! Thanks for the info Ximmer! The crappy thing is I can't use frames in a sub directory! I have to move this page AND the side bar HTML to the main thing! It's not that hard... I also wrote a 3 page update on the OS/2... but I'm too lazy to type it on the computer... HAHA! That was the last of my energy... I need coffee... ZZZZZZZ... Just... one... more... update... I... can't... figure... out... how... to... make.... (ah! that's good coffee!) it so that when you click on file it opens file NOT applications! Doh! This is the SHORTER version of my 3 page update... heh heh...

March 23, 1999
I got the mouse to click! Thanks Ximmer, ViperStrike, Acropolise for all the help!!! I will release a demo after The mouse clicks everything and you can use the keyboard too! And finish some other programs in it!!!

March 22, 1999
I added a mouse to Eriksen Inc. OS/2!!! It looks just like the one in windows!!! There is one problem! It doesn't click! DOH!!! E-MAIL ME ON HOW TO FIX THIS OR PUT IT ON THE MESSAGE BOARD!!!! Screen 12 is the best! Screen 13 is good graphics but everything is blown out of proportion! I'm going to add VGA (SCREEN 13) to the OS/2. For the people that downloaded the demo know that I'f you select VGA it says "VGA is not supported in this demo" I found an easy way to fix that. The only problem is how to make it stay in VGA when you turn it off? DATA or SEPRATE FILES??? That's it for today!!!

March 21, 1999
I tried to make Lost into a demo last night and Quick Basic said it was out of memory!!! Well I'll work on that more later on. I started Eriksen Inc. OS/2! I got so far I released a demo!!! And I just started yesterday! This demo is amazingly good!!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!

March 20, 1999
I added yet another link to the links page! I'm glad that people are using the message board! After this I'm going to work on lost a little more. E-MAIL your suggestions for lost at Billa485@aol.com!!!! That's about it today!!!

March 19, 1999 (10:13 PM)
I added a link to the links page (DUH!) I worked on Lost. I was thinking of working on Doomed and then said no and worked MORE on Lost!!! This episode I'm working on is SO funny!!! And with the graphics! You could be rolling on the ground laughing!!! (Not really but it IS funny!) That's about it!!!!

March 18, 1999
I added some graphics to the web page! And I added some graphics for Lost. I use the happy face character for you and everybody else but they have a diffrent hat/hair/gun. The old ladies have a grey O on top of there heads for hair. You are a brown smilly. The hot dog dude has a yellow hot dog stand hat. The soldiers have a green hat and a grey gun! COOL! I added the Time Waster utility. It counts how long you have wasted your time! I just made it!!! DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!!

March 17, 1999
Ok, I moved up to 64 on the top 100! Cool! I added Zelda to the files page. This was made in 1996 so don't complain!!! This is yet another old craptacular by me! Hey! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!! I have desided that my next project after lost and DOOMED will be an OS/2 pretty cool huh? And I'm adding graphix to LOST. It will still have the text it will just have pictures that show you what you are doing. That's about it.

March 16, 1999
Hey! On the Qbasic top 100 I'm no. 70 something! WOW! Hey vote for me today! And that link got me about 20 hits! Yeah! Will any way I'll have a more intelligente update when I actually do something. (Probably another stupid update tomorrow) The best updates are on friday! Well thanks for stopping by!!!

March 15, 1999
Hey! It's monday and I got a snow day! YEAH!!! I reseaved another suggestion that I put all my programs new or old on this page. So in a couple of days they should be there! Well any way I joined Qbasic Top 100. The link is at the bottom of the page. Click today! I got my link on about 5 sites! And added them to the good o' links page! All of them are very good pages!!!

March 14, 1999
I put a file on the files page I made. It's an animation thingy. It's really just an exploding circle. Pretty cool though! And, I got a suggestion to get a message board at disc.server.com. Well I did! So write messages/questions/stupid babble/ect there and let's see how it goes!!!

March 13, 1999
I worked on Lost. Episode 2 is complete!!! 1/4 of episode 1 is complete. I added a new section called Q & A. This is were you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) Well anyway check it out. That's about it for now.

March 11, 1999
Ok the stupid frames got all messed up and so I deleted them. I redid the links, and the about us page. I made them a lot better. I also added a guest book. So sign today! Some other stuff happened today. I have no clue what it was though... hmmm... Well any way see ya!

March 9, 1999
FRAMES FRAMES FRAMES!!! FINALLY!!! I have finally updated LOST!!! I was working on the 1st episode. Episode 3 is complete! Episode 2 (short) but 3/4 done. Episode 4... wait... WHAT EPISODE 4? It hasen't even been started yet! DOH! Sim Creations is not doing much latly... I might have to finish the thing buy myself... DOUBLE DOH! That's about it...

March 8, 1999
Ok some cool stuff happened! Qbasic top 50 isn't dead anymore! But the bad news is that I'm not being a part of it. To much just to get on it. My link was added to a site called Venom Enterprises! Check thier link out at the *NEW* link page! I fixed some broken links.

March 6, 1999
Well sorry I didn't update. First thing is that Qbasic Top 50 is DEAD they anounced that they are not updating anymore. Man! and I was number 86 too!!!! I so happy that I have 14 or something hits. yay. Seriously that pathedic. I will update more shortly.

February 23, 1999
Nothing really happened... I had religion and and a ton of homework. A lot or HW tonite to so I might not work on lost. I will do MOST of my work on weekends! Qbasic thing works!!! YOu have to hit yes on script error on AOL members.

February 22, 1999:
Well, i had to goto school today so nothing much has happened. Tonight I will work a little more on Lost. I have included something better than there already was! ~can't tell you what it is though!~ The Qbasic top 50 thing hasen't been working right... It doesn't register clicks... DOH!

February 21, 1999:
I added a title picture. I updated the lost page and I am number 144 on the Qbasic Top 50. (Actually they have 100 places) Well vote for me!!! I will try to update this site every day!

February 20, 1999
I decided to make the OFFICIAL Eriksen Inc. web site. I just kept making project sites so now I made this!!! I entered this web site into the Qbasic top 50. Well lets see how things work out!


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