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2/13/17: New addition to NE Archive.

Not really that important of an update but I found a version of the NE website that was on GeoCities in the internet archive. It's the version of the site that I used to hold updates when the main site was down from 2006-2009. I've added it to the NE Archive for those curious.

2/2/17: Possibly the biggest NE Qbasic Projects Update in the Last Decade.

By how little this site is updated, that title isn't really saying much... but this is actually a big update! There's too much information to post in this little news block on the site to do any of it justice. In short, there is currently latest (unfinished) releases of Wry 3, Hellbent and Terror that were prevously either thought to be lost forever or forgotten about and never added to the site.

Check out the Qbasic project's sections for each one for full detailed updates as well as links on where to download if you would like to try them out.

1/30/17: Updated C++ projects page with Millennium Crisis Reboot

I finally updated the C++ projects section with the latest information on the latest MC reboot I worked on in early 2015. I added some screenshots, links to code on GitHub and the contents of the posts I posted on the forums related to it.

I've also started to work on removing the unused sections of the website to keep things more focused.

8/22/16: Rebel and Frenzy are now available in the Qbasic Files Section.

With the help of Puckdropper, I was able to get my FTP client working correctly again. I've updated the Qbasic Files Section with downloads for both Rebel (complete with level editor) and the Frenzy demo. Just a heads up, Frenzy doesn't have any code in it controlling the game speed so if you're using DOSBOX, be sure to spin down the CPU cycles to make the game playable. Rebel doesn't suffer from this same issue.

Also, I just realized that the first update on this updates page is talking about these two games. So much for "Hopefully not years from now...".

8/17/16: Trying to get up to date...

So, I'm currently in the process of trying to get Frenzy (the top view game mentioned previously) and Rebel up on the site so that they can be downloaded. They were never finished but are probably at least worth checking out more than some of the other stuff on this site :) I'll try to get the Millennium Crisis reboot up here as well (C++) even though that currently needs a rewrite as well.

I've also started playing around with Qbasic again. Today I've been working on the Doors idea again just for practice. I've created a basic screen where you can add/remove windows and resize, window, minimize, maximize, move and title them. I still need to add program shortcuts and it I'll most likely call it done. Who knows though, my attention span is awful at stuff like this. Link to image

More to come as it comes!

3/14/12: We're back in business baby!

Well after years of not taking puckdropper up on his offer to host my website. I finally did it. Right now the website is basically in the same exact state it was back in Oct '06. That should be close enough to the time when it went down to work. I'm currently working on getting the site back up and functional before attempting any type of real changes. :)

Also TWO... that's right TWO new Qbasic games are in the works. A top view action game called "Frenzy" where you need to avoid the bad guys while getting to the goal and "Rebel", a side view action game similar to a Mario platform game but with it's own twists. I'm also going to include a level editor of some sort into Rebel as it already currently uses external level data files to populate the levels. More info as it develops. Hopefully not years from now...

Finally, I'm removing Java from the site as I don't think there's ever been any traction there.