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News: 8-22-06
Snag Ho! As you can see, it's Tuesday and the site still isn't here. Sorry about that everyone, it would be up but I completely forgot about the "Lost Files" section until the last minute. I'm currently working on that part of the site and then after that it's done. I should have time after work tonight to get that all squared away. :)
- Erik
News: 8-19-06
Good news everybody! I just have to move over the files to the new site and it'll be able to get up and running! Though this isn't a small task, it shouldn't take longer than the weekend. (Granted I don't run into any snags along the way). Hopefully Monday morning I'll have the new site up and running for all of you! Until then...
- Erik
News: 8-17-06
No, I haven't forgotten about the new design. I've been working hard on it since I got back two days ago. My neglegence in updating is due to me opting to work on the new design. So don't worry people, the new layout will come! It's most likely going to be in a week or so because I've decided to add a bit more content than was originally planned. (More content in this case, is better). So sit tight, and I'll give you the heads up when I have a more definite date.
- Erik
News: 8-11-06
Well, I'm sorry everyone. It looks like the site is not going to be done before I head to Florida for the next five days. I got as much done as I could (I thought maybe I could do it) and now it's 2:30am and I have to get up in less than 4 hours to go catch my flight. I should have it done soon after I get back though. So I guess you're all just going to have to wait a little be longer. Sorry!
- Erik
News: 8-8-06
Ok, So I think I'm finally ready to tell you what that "big news" has been. Well, I'm COMPLETELY REDOING THE WEBSITE!!! I mean, COMPLETELY! I'm building it from the ground up. I like the current style as it is, but it's been like this for about... oh let's say... 4 YEARS NOW! (Though it no way feels like it's been that long). In those four years, I've grown comfortable with my little site, but after taking a step back and actually looking at it, I've realized it looks extremely dated. Not as dated as the past revisions of the site but still dated. So yeah, that's the news.

"Why is this good?", you ask.

It's good because I'm now adding more content and a more user driven backing to the site. You see, since NE has come to be back in 1999, it's always been a private site with no one's projects or interests but that of my own. That was all fine and dandy in that era of the internet and the Qb community, but now things have gone more to a collaborative community based theme and I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon. (Be it 2+ years later. :P). So in the new site users can submit news, files, links, projects, basically anything they'd like to add to the website they can send me directly by filling out a few little boxes on the forms supplied. I'm hoping this "ease of involvement" will promote site growth and a larger user base associated with the site. Also a stronger feeling of involvement on everyones part, as there's no need to register or sign up. EVERYONE can submit their information within the time it takes to fill out a small web-form. It's going to be great.

Another improvement of the website is, just like the first revision gave frames for ease of navigation, and the second gave us tables so that you don't get stuck in frames, the new revision is based completely off "style sheets" (per-say). I'm not using seperate sheets because the site isn't that HUGE, and it's quite managable as is. The bonus of changing from tables is a much more professional look and an overall newer feel.

The site is mostly done and the next update you see will most likely be the website going "live" to the public. Please stay tuned. Oh and btw, I'm going to Florida this weekend so hopefully everything will be up and running before that comes. Otherwise everyone's going to have to wait until sometime next week. :P Until then...
- Erik
News: 8-5-06
Sorry about that redirect everyone. My room (where the server is located) is in the now few spots we don't have AC getting to. So, I had to shut the computer down in fear of my hard drive burning out. It seems like the heat has really cooled off (for now) and the site is back to being hosted locally! YAY! Incase you missed the GeoCities update, I uploaded Wry 1 to Pete's Qbasic Site. Hopefully it'll get more exposure there. (Too bad it has the website in the contact info! :X!) Oh, and I also redesigned the Links page. I think it's easier to navigate now.
- Erik
News: 7-29-06
Well, I'm still going to have to have everyone wait on that major news I've been talking about. I'm not quite ready to release the info yet. :P But, in minor news, I did add an install batch file and a executable batch file for the original Hellbent Demo. I did this just so people don't have to be bothered doing the install themselves (and possibly messing it up). Just one click and it does it for you. Then you can click the hellbent.bat file and play the game! It's basically changing to the installed directory and executing qbasic with the run command, but it still saves effort. .zip file is located in the same spot it's been for 2 years now. (files->qbasic files->hellbent demo). Enjoy!
- Erik
News: 7-18-06
My friend and his girlfriend have been visiting for the past week so there's not much to update about. I sort of had to take a break to spend time with them. (Ain't I just the best host? :P) In anycase. I have some pretty major news to announce, but I'm going to save it until the next update. Yeah, I know, everyone hates susupense like this. You know what I say to that? It's a freaking website, get over it. lol. Stay tuned for more info!
- Erik
News: 6-28-06
Yep, some stuff has indeed happened. You know how I was bragging about the size of Wry 3? Well it's made it to the size where it will no longer compile. It's the begining of the damned "Out of memory" errors. At first I saw this a complete defeat. I got flashbacks of Wry 2 (which is at 200-something-kb) that only runs if you enter "qbasic /run pos.bas" at the command promt. If you didn't, you'd get an "out of memory" error when you went to run it within Qbasic. So, I thought of Hellbent and how I delt with that problem there. With Hellbent I broke the game up into seperate files so the total source could be a total of over 500kb and still run fine. I've decided to do the same with Wry 3.

There's going to be 3 seperate files. There's the "launcher" file which will be the source you open the game from. This file contains the main menu, instructions, about, and difficulty select. The second file will be the first part of the game. The third file will be the 2nd half of the game. (The game will be in two parts). There's also a "semi-save" option built in. The game will keep track of how far you got at 2 checkpoints. Beating the first part will allow you to select part 2 from the "Start Game" menu instead of being grayed out. Beating the second part (aka beating the game) will unlock another special cookie for all of you. This will be saved also. The great thing about the idea of splitting it up is that not only will the game be able to continue to grow (to a hopefully total of 60+ levels) but you can now quit and return at a later time without having to worry about doing everything all over again or losing unlocked secrets on exit! This is all pretty much already programmed, I'm just working on the part 2 levels now. :P

In other news, I added a shotty counter (that I'm not sure if I'm going to keep) just for my own personal amusement and I also added the previous Nukem Enterprises websites into the NEMB archive. Well, I linked to their location on the geocities' site. Oh, I also added a redirect to this site on the geocities site also. I'll take it down if people complain and if/when this site is down. Well, that's it for now. (HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A LOT! :) ) Enjoy!
- Erik
News: 6-24-06
Well, funny story... Yesterday I somewhat complained / admitted to my neglect with Wry 3.3. Today? I sat down and programmed another FIVE levels along with some engine touch-ups and fixing of some logical errors. The code is pretty abstract (not in a good way) and it's somewhat hard to work with at first. (More abstract than I thought it was). It could probably use a whole overhaul but I think I'm just going to keep trucking as is. The current source size is up to 140kb! That's 24kb larger than the original Wry, 200kb less than Grimace (even though it's currently longer!), 2.5x larger than the first Wry3 demo and 5x larger than the second Wry3 demo! Just some interesting math for all of you out there. A breath of fresh air for the Wry series! :P
- Erik
News: 6-23-06
I just realized that I said "...before I forget about it like I did to Numb" about Wry 3. HELLO!?! It's been in production for about 4 years now also! Wake up Erik! :P lol. So, in related news, there is none. I sat down in front of the Wry 3 source a couple of days ago for about 1/2 an hour and did absolutely nothing. I guess it's a start but I really have no idea where I want that game to go from it's current location. (Any ideas? Seriously, I'll take anything right about now.) I also listened to Puckdroppers advice that he posted on he most recent update (5/28/2006) about not having links to the site you're currently on. So yeah, I did that... hooray? Well that's it. Enjoy.
- Erik
News: 5-13-06
Ok, So the server didn't really pan out exactly how I wanted. I got it up and running and all, it's just that it's such a power hog. To run that thing 24/7 would cost more than it would to just pay someone else to host my website. I'm going to just use the server as a place to send my backups of my website and various other things I need backed up. That way I only have to boot it up on times when I need it. Also, in greater news, my room is now 100% complete so the website shouldn't be down as much as it was. (Which was far less than I thought it would be.) And in very minor news to everyone out there, I statically assigned the computers on my network, so again, website uptime should be increased. (If the computer reboots itself it should grab the same IP number and thus be accessable w/o any extra configuration). Good news all in all, but unfortunatly, not too much on the programming side of things. Sorry about that guys. (Though I am thinking of finishing Wry 3.3 before I forget about it like I did to Numb).
- Erik
News: 5-3-06 (from GeoCities website)
Well I have some awesome news. I finally got a REAL server! It's a Dell quad processor server with 6 RAIDed SCSI hard drives! It also has a tape back up, cd-rom drive and a 3.5'' floppy drive! I got it for free from my friend at school. The thing is a beast, it's got to be atleast 100 pounds. Why is this good news you ask? Because now I finally have a server to replace my computer as the site host. I don't have to worry about people crashing my site & bringing my computer down with it. :D (I also can now have an ungodly amount of power & storeage space!)
- Erik
News: 4-24-06
I'm having my room redone, so my computer may be offline for a little while over the next couple of days. Just giving everyone fair warning. Oh and the RPG engine is actually still coming along. It can read maps from a seperate file and load them into the game. Just letting whoever might care know.

Update: Incase this site goes down for periods of time, please resort to the old geocities website for information and updates. I'll keep things posted there until things settle down over on this end. That site can be found at or by Clicking here

- Erik
News: 4-4-06
Well, I've been working hard on that UDP client/server software for that RPG me and a few classmates have been working on. It was working fine but then I decided I wanted to send a vector of packets to seperate the information for the server. (Now I'm fighting with type conversions...). Well besides that, this afternoon I decided I wanted to throw together a test graphics engine for the project and I did. A screen shot and more info can be found at the Projects Page. Sorry, but there's still no updates for Wry 3.3 at the current time. Well, that's all!
- Erik
News: 3-22-06
Ok, Well I felt it was time that I gave some sort of update of what I've been doing for the past month now. Wry 3.3 progress has slowed dramatically (are you surprised?). I'm just finding it hard to come up with ideas of where he should go next with such a basic game! (Nintendo how did you do it??? haha). Well in anycase, I've been working on some "net" programming again. This time I've made a fully functional UDP "peer-to-peer" messaging program (basically) that gives you an internal command prompt in where you can change the IP address & port number your talking to and also send packets containing whatever data you want. You can also send commands back and forth with the program too. I'm not done with it yet and it might become part of a project I'm working on with some kids at school, but I'll release it none-the-less. (It's written in C++ and it's compiled under Linux, though porting to Win32 should be a piece of cake). Well, looks like that's it!
- Erik
News: 2-26-06
I finally released my Linux text file editor! Hurray! It's over in the C++ files section. I put the final name as NE File Editor v1.0. (For the pun and so you know where it's from :P). The program works fine, it's not as "advanced" as I would have liked it to be but it works fine none-the-less. So yeah, check it out and tell me what you think.

In other news, Wry 3.3 is still coming along great. (Surprised are you? I am too) There's about 8 levels so far which break down into 2-3 screens. I still feel like it's not long enough so I'm going to make some more levels before I release it. I also found working files of the Mainframe program, another early version of Wry 1 and screen shots of Lead Man! I added all of them to the Lost Files section if you want to check them out.
- Erik
News: 2-18-06

Happy 7th Birthday NE!

In other news, work on Wry 3.3 is coming along good. I just have to finish implementing the bad guys attack and Mr. Face's attack then it's off to build the levels! Hurray!
- Erik
News: 2-14-06
Good news ahoy! I've resumed work on Wry 3. (Very hard work too might I add!) I've managed to get a decent engine going and a new title screen and menu system worked out. I've rewritten the code from complete scratch for the 3rd time and I think it's gotten better every time! I added screen shots to it's "projects" section. All this can be found Here. Enjoy!
- Erik
News: 2-11-06
I found some more lost files and added them to the appropriate section. I added the source to the old "Blazin Fire" project which is pretty cool even though it's no where near complete. I also added the source to the short lived "Nov DOS" (which is in QB7.1 format! Arg!). And finally, but probably the best of all... I found the source of Terror (Post Demo) that has the 3 extra rooms programmed in it! It's the furthest the old version of the game ever got. It's definitely worth a checking out!
- Erik
News: 2-6-06
Well this morning I was going through old floppy disks in search of lost Qbasic source files. I found some, not really anything interesting though. I found the sources to the old Doors 2000/Eriksen Inc OS/2 along with the old version of Terror. I actually FOUND the new version of Terror on one of the disks but I couldn't get it copied over. Check it out. It's at the bottom of the page. Anyone have any ideas how I might be able to extract it off the disk??? I posted up the sources I found in a new "Lost Files" section, but it's not completed yet. You can still access the files though. Enjoy!
- Erik
News: 1-29-06
Ah, I'm just bursting with updates! I was bored this morning so I took the source of Numb and finally finished it. I'm sort of embarrased that a week/day long project took 4 years to get out there but in the same respect I'm proud that I actually finished it. It can be found in the Qbasic files section. It should be the first one in the list. It's zipped up and in source code form. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
- Erik
News: 1-28-06
I was looking for my most updated version of "Numb" so I could finally release that Qbasic game that's been in the works for about 4 years now. (more like rotting). Anyway, I found it and I'm going to try to finish that up quick. It's sort of scary that my last Qbasic project was about 4 years ago... anyway, on more important news. While I was looking for that file I came across an ancient version of Wry 1. It's version 0.2 from Jan 1999! I uploaded a copy for all that want to take a look at an unfinished-early version of the game looks like. It's over in the Qbasic files section. It's inside the Wry table area so check that out. I also found the old Shamrice logo! Found HERE!. This update is just a rehash of yester year but fun non-the-less. Enjoy!
- Erik
News: 1-20-06
Ok, I started my first OpenGL project. And again, like my last C++ game, it's a remake of an old NE project that I always wanted to finish. It's Hellbent. That's right, one of my most complete projects to date might actually get a full overhaul and be (hopefully) completed. I'm making the game in complete 3d, starting out very basic at first, with completely random levels. Again, everything is going to be basic in the begining (and probably the end too judging by how I manage my projects). I created a random level generator that works for the game and it's screen shot can be found here. It's all text thus far but I made it so that it should be easily implemented into the full fledge program. I'm excited about this one.
- Erik
News: 1-16-06
Happy belated New Year! I figured that it was a new year so I would clean up the news page and start fresh. The old way went back all the way to 2002, so I figured it was getting a bit cluttered.

I've started programming with OpenGL and it's great. I have some screenshots of "the learning process" here. It's not that impressive, but I'm still new at it.

And about the File Editor, I've come to terms that it's not going to be a multi-file editor but just a plain single file one. I'll release it soon enough. (I just have to "tweak" a few things before I do).
- Erik
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