NE C/C++ Projects:

Millennium Crisis - Survival/Action
Screenshot from latest reboot
Note: Screenshot above shows temp cat sprites in latest reboot.

This is a mix between the old QBasic game idea I had for Millennium Crisis and a hint of Terror in the gameplay. Basically this game takes place in a world recently infested with zombies. The whole game is spent killing and running away from zombies as you try to conserve ammo and health. There are puzzles to figure out too (well maybe.. depends on if i want to program it)

Current screenshots & Info: Here

Platform: Win32
Release Date: TBA, last update 10/21/17.
Demo: Old Basic Engine Demo available at the C++ files section. Link to current source on GitHub on project page link above.

An early screenshot from the old game engine.
This was a project I'm was working on with a couple of other students in college. The code here is what I was working on which was the networking backend behind the program but I also dug into the graphics engine a little bit. The name of this project supposed to be completely temporary, I just made that up so I had something to call my folders. The screen shot above is a taken from the really basic graphics engine I threw together on 4/3/06. I had used the same player image as the one from the now defunct Millennium Crisis (just shrunk down a lot). Well, the project was going to be a multiplayer rpg where you can play with friends and such. It was supposed to be really simple, we're were just doing this project mostly for a learning experience. Unfortunately it was never finished.

All screenshots & more info: Here

Platform: Linux/Win32 (SDL based so far)
Release Date: Canceled but sources released in link above.

NE File Editor - Utility
A screen shot of editing in progress A screen shot of the about screen
This is a file editor that you can edit files and run a console for easy compilation and program/script editing. I'm thinking about making it a multi-file editor for even more ease to use. The current screen shot is of 12-1-05 and it's showing the file editor working, the console path working, and an xterm open (an external console program). I'm not going to have an imbedded console program b/c all operating systems come with one and you can just use that one.

Current screenshots & Info: Here

Platform: Linux X server only
Release Date: Released! (In the C++ files section)