Last Updated: 04/04/18
Genre: Action/RPG
Platform: Win32/Linux
Release Date: Canceled.
Source code:


This past weekend I was able to recover a bunch of data from a hard drive I had previously thought was dead forever. It was the old NE server from back in the late 2000s from when I was attempting to host the site myself. One of the cool things I was able to recover from the drive was multiple versions of this project in various stages of development. Looking back, the code isn't great and I wasn't able to get the networking side of the alpha engine working 100%. (Though I was able to get it to send packets between clients!). The graphics engine alpha seems better. The latest version I found was from 04/2006 which actually has collision detection between the enemy and player, fps counter and sprite animations which I was surpised about.

Here are the prerequisites for rpg_gfx_alpha versions: (At least for Ubuntu/Debian)
Prerequisites for rpg_net_alpha versions:
Extract the zip file into an empty directory and you should be able to run my non-standard "c" file to compile and link the project. (Fast hackish way to avoid having to generate a make file I guess). Some versions also include regular makefiles where you can just run "make clean" and "make" to compile. I had to modify these to compile correctly so you might have to as well. (I made sure each one at least compiled before putting it on the site).

No guarantees that anything works or any real documentation. If you dig into the code a little it should be pretty clear how to get things going. The graphics engine shouldn't require anything special.

I also wanted to make note that I did make some adjustments to some of the code so that it would compile and be functional. All changes that I made to do this are commented in the source code.

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

graphics alpha 04/06
graphics alpha 04/06
client alpha 03/06
UDP Client Sending between two clients
server alpha 03/06
UDP Server (left) receiving data from client (right)
client alpha latest 06
UPD client (right) sending quit command to other client (left)
Early automated command execution example.
server alpha latest 06
UPD client (right) sending update command to server (left)
Server auto responds with update response.


Click to enlarge image.

Screenshot of the extremely basic engine demo.

RPG_Net is a quite simple idea. It's basically a dumbed down version of Hellbent (is that even possible?) that plays online! Yes, online. You start the game and connect to my server and you're good to go. Basically all connecting to the server does is tell you who's online, where they are and what they're doing/attacking. The current version you can connect to the server and send command packets back and forth that are interpretted. The engine itself has moved to a traditional tile based engine that loads map files to draw the world. There's also collision detection and monsters that chase you. Unfortunately the game hasn't progressed more passed that point. I'll update the images to give you a better idea of where the games at in a short while.

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