NE File Editor:

Last Updated: 8/10/06
Genre: Utility
Platform: Linux X Server
Release Date: Released!

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Screenshot of the editor working. Screenshot of the about screen.

This project was my first project ever attempted that used libraries that enabled me to create a utility using the OS's current GUI. It worked out a lot nicer than I thought it was going to when I started the project. I used the Qt header files to create this program. Qt in conjunction with KDE's own header files is what KDE's desktop uses to display it's applications. (Thus the similar look and feel to KDE over GNOME, which uses GTK).

Older Screenshot of the editor in action.

I, personally, use neither Gnome or KDE. As you can see by the screenshots, I've found a home with PWM (see newest/top screen shots) where as before I was a big fan of XFCE. You're probably thinking that last statement was completely irrelevant, but I said it to prove it works with almost every Window Manager you could think of, you just need the Qt library installed. Anyway, this file editor lets you edit all kinds of file types and also open a command prompt and do any necessary things you may have to do there too. (Be it compile, create directories, delete files, etc). It's pretty simple, but gets the job done.

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