C++ Files:

Here are all the C/C++ files this site has available for you to download. To download the file, simply right click the "Download" link of the game/program and select "Save As". Or you can always just click on it, and if your browser doesn't attempt to open it in itself, you should get a similar prompt. All files are by me unless otherwise specified. Enjoy!

Millennium Crisis: Latest 2004 Version (10/9/2004) (Win32)
This is the last version of the original Millennium Crisis source for the 2004 C++ version. This version is maybe 2+ weeks after the engine demo was released. In this version you can kill the zombies using space bar as well as the screen resolution has been improved to 1024x768. First area looks slightly different as well. Title screen now has correct spelling of the name but the code to actually display it has been commented out. According to the notes at the bottom of main.cpp, the engine has been re-written since the engine demo as well.

The zip file to download contains all the source files as well as a working compiled version under the root directory called "fearSDL.exe". In the releases directory there's a copy of the original demo and in the Debug directory there's a version potentially compiled on 8/12/2005 but it does not work.

Download Source files and Binaries | Screen Shot |

Millennium Crisis: Basic Engine Demo - Older 2004 version (09/24/2004) (Win32)
This is an basic test of the engine I'm making for Millennium Crisis. It's using the SDL libraries and C++. In this demo there's the title screen and a small area you can walk around in (and run away from zombies too if you feel like it). But like i said it's a basic test version, so there's really not much to it.

Download With Dependency DLLs | Download Without Dependencies | Screen Shots | Project Page

NE File Editor v1.0 (02/26/2006) (Linux)
This is a basic Qt/X11 file editor for Linux. The file editor works similar to that of Notepad on a Windows computer. There's also a built in terminal launcher option where you can pop open a new terminal window if needed. This was written in Qt3 so you may need to dig in your package manager's source archives to find the necessary build dependencies now that it's so old.

Download | Screen Shots | Project Page

RPG v0.0.25 (06/12/2003) (Win32/DOS)
This is the early version of what was going to be a very large C++ DOS RPG. In this you can walk around the town and talk to people along w/ venture through a portal into the "world map" which is just a black area where you can be attacked by bad guys. This is from when I was working out the battle systems and such. It's pretty cool to see what I had done, but unfortunately the code got corrupted out of no where one day, thus ending the project.


Falling Demo (11/22/2004) (Win32)
This was a short lived test SDL project I made back in Fall of 2004. It uses the same character sprite from the original Millennium Crisis version. Basically all this demo does is display a guy jumping off a 5 meter ledge and calculates where to land him. It uses SDL so it looks nice but doesn't really have a purpose. I was tempted to go into the code and add the ability to change the man's x velocity or initial height but figured it would be better to place this as-is for now.