NE Java Projects:

Lawnmower Mania - Arcade/Action
Screenshot from 9/2018

This is an action arcade game I've been sort of just "throwing together". There have been other games in the past that have come out that have a similar concept. Basically in this game your goal is the mow all the grass in the level cleanly (without over mowing!) while avoiding ruining the gardens and avoiding hazards like bees and sprinklers. This is made additionally difficult because your current mower will set your mowing speed and you sprint stamina. Cheaper mowers are slower and harder to push than the newer more expensive ones.

Before each level, you are given an option to shop for new supplies. You can buy items like grass seed to restore over mowed areas of the lawn (gaining back your points lost for over mowing it) or newer and better lawn mowers that will make your job easier.

At the end of each level, you are rated on how well you mowed the lawn and paid for your job accordingly. This is the money that is used to buy new mowers, items and power ups. There is also a running game score as well for the high score table in the event you get game over or complete all the levels.

Current info: Here

Platform: Anything that can run Java >= 1.8
Release Date: TBA, last update 9/26/18.

Wry Parser - Utility
Screenshot from 3/2019

Wry Parser is a utility application I created to parse the original Wry Qbasic source code into data files that I could then use in my Wry COBOL game engine. I was originally going to manually create the files for the COBOL version but figured it would be more fun to write an application that did it for me. It actually works really well and has a built in play mode where you can play the parsed game. The parser is also expandable in case down the road I would ever want to export the story to other types of data files. (Not sure why I would though...)

Note: You will need the original Wry Qbasic source file to run this application. It can be found in the Qbasic files section.

Current info: Here
Current Downloads: In Java files section
Original Design Document: Here (From 12/27/18)

Platform: Anything that can run Java >= 1.8
Release Date:2/22/19 (ver 1.0).

Zombie Attack AKA Zombie Crisis AKA Millennium Crisis Reboot #3 (MCr3) - Survival/Action
Screenshot from 10/2017

This is a reboot of the C++ version that is a reboot of the original Qbasic version. This version is basically a more polished, refined and advanced cross platform version of the C++ version. Almost everything is customizable by the user if they would like to from the ground up. Definitely worth checking out. (Will update with projects page and more info at a later date)

Current info: Here

Platform: Anything that can run Java >= 1.8
Release Date: TBA, last update 09/11/20.
Demo Release v0.1.0:Download Link (09/11/2020)
Alpha Screenshots from 08/03/17:Link

Demo video showing game play from 9/17:

NeChat - Online Chat Service
Screenshot from 11/16/2017

This is an IM chat service. The service contains a server side mySql database, a server side REST service as well as cross platform client software. With this service you can add and remove buddies, send messages to other users, etc. Currently in the early stages of development. Will create a dedicated project page at a later date.

Current info: Here

Platform: Anything that can run Java >= 1.8
Release Date: TBA, last update 12/17.