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Here are all the Qbasic files this site has available for you to download. To download the file, simply right click the "Download" link of the game/program and select "Save As". Or you can always just click on it, and if your browser doesn't attempt to open it in itself, you should get a similar prompt. Files towards the top are written by me, towards the bottom are files by other people. Enjoy!

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NE Files

Santa's Delivery Rush (12/2022)
Santa's Delivery Rush (SDR) is an action game where you play as Santa trying to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve before daylight comes. During the game play you must avoid snooping people who have waited up to try and catch Santa delivering gifts. Giving them a gift will send them back to bed but will also decrease the amount of presents you've delivered. There are different items in the game that can help (or not!) you on your journey. The main game has 25 levels (not including bonus levels) and a high score system. There is also a level editor and sprite editing tools included to create your own levels (or edit the ones that are included).

Download v1.00 Release (12-24-2022) | Screen Shots

Scrolling ASCII Engine and Editor (03/2021)
This project was a short lived QB project I had where I created a top view ASCII scrolling engine complete with an editor to create the levels the engine used. The editor doesn't support scrolling but does implement all the configurable options possible on the tiles. The engine also has collision detection implemented with the world tiles. This project quickly evolved into COBOL Roguelike as I was more interested in writting this game in COBOL than Qbasic. This is sort of a mix between a regular file and a "lost" file as it's unfinished. Who knows, it may some day evolve into its own thing. For now, it's an interesting demo.

Download (03-05-2021) | Screen Shots

ROT Password Encrypt/Decrypt Example (02/2021)
This is a basic example of using ROT (rotation) style encryption/decryption to save data based on a password entered. The data files are saved using BSAVE and loaded using BLOAD to keep the output file from being able to be opened with a text editor. This is a simple proof of concept that could be useful for anyone who may want to have user defined passwords to save/load data files in their Qbasic program but do not want to store that user's password anywhere. Being ROT, it's not very secure, but it should be decent enough for most QB applications.

Download (03-05-2021) | Screen Shots | Forum Post

NE File Utility (06/2020)
NE File Utility is an application that works similar to DOS Shell. In it, you can manage files and directories. You can also launch applications from inside the application (with or without configured run options). There is a DOSBox mode for anyone who is running the application in the DOSBox emulator. Due to missing features in DOSBox's directory listings, some functionality is disabled. Additional features include color scheme settings and screen resolution settings.

Download v0.40-RC1 (06-22-2020) | Screen Shots | Projects Page

Wry Monochrome (04/2020)
Wry Monochrome is an update to the original Wry game that started as just removing all the SCREEN and graphics calls that weren't supported on my IBM XT's monochrome display adapter so that I could play the game on that computer. Some how this evolved into becoming updated and improved version of the game. All code changes were written on my XT... not that it makes any difference to the source but it was fun to do.

New features/fixes:
 * All menu options now have a "return to menu" option so you don't
   have to actually pick an option to get back.
 * "Are you sure you want to quit" screen is fixed so it works right.
 * All screen calls have been change to screen 0 for monochrome compatibility.
 * Color calls have been slightly modified to look better on monochrome.
 * Bunch of random spelling errors have been fixed but definitely not all.
   (No grammar was fixed or even attempted to be fixed.. that's a lost
   cause. haha)
 * Game now requires you to beat first 3 episodes to unlock episode 4.
 * Game stats are now saved even after quitting. You can see the stats
   after Ep4 is unlocked under "Game Secrets".
 * Game secrets main menu is fixed so you can quit from it and it remains
   unlocked after leaving it the first time.
 * Random stack trace reductions were made where it was possible to do
   quickly. The game still suffers from it though due to the nature of the
   code base. Hopefully the saved stats will help make this tolerable.
 * Check marks now appear on the episode select screen for episodes completed.
 * Some changes to text alignment here and there as well as some update
   text added to some areas. (Ex: website url)
 * Probably a bunch of little things I'm forgetting about.


Download v1.0 | Screen Shots

Santa's Christmas Rescue (12/2017 - 09/2018)
This is a Christmas game that I created to challenge myself to see if I could create a Qbasic game under a time frame of less than a few days. I tried to go all out with it and I think it came out pretty decent (Better than my previous Qb games at least). There's still many bugs left in the code to work out but I wanted to make sure that it was available on Christmas Day. Please let me know of any bugs you find on the forums and I will work on getting them resolved in the future. For those wondering what this game is, it's a platformer game where you collect presents and kill evil robot elves. There is also a level editor included so you can create and play your own levels on it. The regular game has 25 levels included.

Download v1.2 (Latest version) | Download v1.0 | Screen Shots | Projects Page

Life Calendar (12/2018)
Enter total years of life, and then current year of life. The program will then display about how many weeks you've lived vs how many are remaining. This wasn't meant to be morbid. The idea actually came from a TED talk video on YouTube about procrastination. In the video they had a similar calendar to motivate people to take advantage of their time on Earth but only showed it as a total of weeks. I thought it would be interesting to have an interactive version to play around with... so here it is.

Download | Screen Shots | YouTube Link to TED Talk that inspired this

Rebel (03/2012)
This is a short little demo of a side view action game I started working on in 2012. In this game, you control Mr. Face (surprise) just like in the Wry series. You collect gold diamonds and jump on bad guys heads. The game comes with four levels but also a level editor so you can make your own levels. (REBLVLED.BAS) If you want to replace the main four levels with your own, use the level editor and create levels starting with the name LEVEL1 up to whatever you want. Also make sure to set the DIRECTORY constant in REBEL.BAS and REBLVLED.BAS to point to the directory where the levels are located. This is probably one of the more polished games on here.

Download | Screen Shots

Frenzy (03/2012)
Frenzy is another game I was working on in 2012. It's a simple "run to the exit before the bad guys get you" game. With each level the enemy's speed and target accuracy increases. The levels are all randomly generated. The game isn't finished, but it's still a nice quick vintage arcade style fun.

Download | Older Version | Screen Shots

Dragon Slayer DEMO v0.1 (02/2003)
This is a short little demo of how the battle system and menu's work on this RPG I was working on. In the demo you start with all the weapons and armor just to show you how they all look/work. As of now, it's a little unbalanced and hard to start off. (if you try legit). Unfortunately there most likely will be no final version. All help and further info is provided for inside the BAS file as comments. Have fun!

Download | Screen Shots

Hellbent: An ASCII RPG Demo (Mid-2002 - 09/2004)
This is a pretty far in developement demo of Hellbent. In this demo it has multiple save files which you can save up to 3 characters with. You can walk around the town, talk to villagers, and teleport to level areas. The whole "Ruins" area is complete and you can replay it as many times as you want leveling up your character and making more money. There's not much else you can say about it.. you have to EXPERIENCE it. (that was lame) NOTE: You can extract to any folder, just make sure to run the "install.bat" file first!!!

Download | Screen Shots | Project Page
Newer version demo available to download in project's page link.

Numb - The Stupid Adventures of Jolly R (03/2002 - 01/2006)
This is the long awaited and finally finished game of "Numb"! It took me way longer than it ever should have taken anyone to release this hunk of garbage. This is a fine example of a one week/day project expanding over 4 years. I'm happy that it's finally done and I hope all you are too. This is a text based comedy game like Wry 1 but is only one story. The game does not suffer from stack space errors like the Wry series does. I hope you all enjoy this game, it's not that bad. (Well on a technical side it is, but it's still fun).

Download | Screen Shots

Nukem's Delete Program Version 2.3 (2000)
This is version 2.3 of the original Delete program, both versions made a LONG time ago. This version includes the ability to delete more than one program at a time and it has a confirmation message making sure you want to delete the selected file. Also a more "Windows" look. (or "Doors" if anyone remembers that. :P) I am NOT responsible for any file you delete.

Download | Screen Shots

Nukem's Mad Lib Program (04/2000)
This is just a regular madlib thing I made many many years ago. Ever use a mad lib book? It's like that but doesn't actually work correctly. This should probably move to the "lost files" section as it's not really worth the download.

Download | Screen Shots

Classic Guess My Number (04/2003)
This is a classic guess my number game that looks to have been written by me back on 4/9/2003. There's an older version of this game in the Lost Files section but the source is corrupt. This one is complete and working. Nothing special.


Rolling Dice (11/2001)
This is a basic guess the number game, where you guess what the die is going to be. It's sorta basic.. well very basic. All I did was take what i was learning in my boring school class and make my own program. Well have fun. (if you can).

Download | Screen Shots

Terror -=Fear the Unknown=- Demo (04/1999)
This is the second demo of Terror I released. It's the old version of how the game was made, not the version you see in the projects section. It's still quite interesting and worth a look. In this version it's a first person shooter style look where you figure out a short puzzle demonstration inside the mansion. There are a few interesting versions of this game in the NE Archive if you care to look.

Download | Screen Shots | Project Page
Newer unfinished rewrite version available to download on the project's page link.

Text Game (06/2001)
As the name states, this game is just a regular text based adventure game, or comedy. (...in a way.) It's pretty lame and I should probably take it down. I only wrote it because of a request of another Wry like game. It ended up being more of an advertisement ruse than a game. It's only 1/4 of Wry 1, but in this game, not every wrong path kills you. It also the titles screen has a nice "seizure inducing" blink too it.

Download | Screen Shots

Wry: A text based Comedy (04/2000)
This is one of my favorite games I've every created. It has 4 episodes (1 secret) and many places to explore (source and in game!). It's hilarious. This used to be named "Lost" but ended with "Wry" because of Groovy Concepts releasing their now infamous RPG before I could finish my project. It's definitely the best Text/Comedy game I've created.

Download | Screen Shots

Wry 2: Grimace (01/2001)
This is the sequel to the NE/SC classic Wry, it's no longer a text adventure but more of a side view action game, still has a funny story. The game also has a good amount of secrets and cheat codes. It's just awesome. It still has some bugs. But what can you do? (besides fix them). It's also 3x's the size of Wry! (in amount of lines of code, not gameplay). Be warned though, newer computer speeds can hinder game play. Try to use an older computer if possible.

Download | Screen Shots

Wry 3: Stale Demo v1.0 (01/2002 - 09/2004)
This is the second version of Wry 3, which is currently on it's 3rd reincarnation, it has less to do than the original demo but is programmed much nicer. The current version of the game is some what of a mixed version of the two demos. (Just programmed a lot better than these!) It has 2 "screens" that you can walk around, jump, and shoot enemies in. Also you can explore the whole menus. It's a very early version on the game but it's better than the last demo.

Download | Screen Shots | Project Page | Download Old Demo
Newer unfinished rewrite version available for download on the projects page.

Zelda (very un cool game) (1996? Released: 03/1999)
This is probably my first game ever made. It's based off the Zelda video game series. It's a text based "adventure". Honestly, it's not good at all and is very short. I only really keep it on the site for historic reasons. The games says 1996 but the last modified date on the source was early 1999. So I might have started it in 96 but I know it wasn't released until this website went live in early 99. Eitherway, take a look if you want to see the earliest example of the style the spawned the original Wry game.

Download | Source | Screen Shots

Other People's Files:

A Beefian Tale (1998)
By: Matt Willer & Adam McCullough
This is probably my favorite Qbasic game of all time. It's the game that single handily inspired the whole Wry series. It plays and acts just like Wry (because that's where I was "inspired" from). I just had to post it because it's just THAT good.

Download | Screen Shots

Going Home (demo) (06/2003)
By: Puckdropper
This is a text adventure made by Puckdropper that's similar to Wry and just as bizarre. There's multiple directions on which you can go in your adventure. It's a cool program, even though it's still not finished. You should check it out.

Download | Download Going Home: North (Earlier Demo)

Jared's Subway Adventure ver.2.1 DEMO (06/2000)
By: Blurred Vision (Retna)
This is an action game based on the commercial with Jared in it eating sub's and staying thin. In this game you are warped into another dimension by a cult and you must get the subway sub at one side of the screen and bring it back. The whole time you're jumping over water and climbing ladders. There's only two levels in this demo, but it's still awesome.

Download | Screen Shots

Scrolling demo! (03/1999)
This is a cool pixel by pixel scrolling demo by JMB. It was a demo for a RPG project he's was working on around 1999 that, like most QB RPGs, never materialized. Definitely worth a look. BTW, I'm probably the only one left where you can still get this file. (It's from way back when he still had Umbra Soft.) A rare find.

Download | Screen Shots

Peanuts (02/2008)
By: Logan Glasson
Peanuts is an interesting game where you play against the computer to not pick up the last peanut. The peanuts are arranged in a triangle like pattern. You can remove any number of of peanuts from a single line per turn. I don't know if I'm just bad at it, but I've yet to win so far. It's a fun game and the graphics work well for it. I'd definitely recommend giving this a few minutes of your time. Zip contains both QB45 format and plain text BAS format files.


Qbasic Compilers/Interpreters:

Microsoft Qbasic 1.1
By: Microsoft
This is your basic Qbasic IDE (no pun intended) that came with almost every computer in the early 90's. It can handle plain text .bas files and do almost anything you'd ever want to do in Qbasic. The only thing it lacks is the ability to compile programs, it's strictly an interpreter.


Microsoft Quick Basic 3.0
By: Microsoft
This is a pretty rare version of Quick Basic. There's nothing really special about it besides that it's old. It works just like the other Qb's on this site just with a slightly less "polished" look to it. I do like the "CTRL+R" shortcut to run your program though.


Microsoft Quick Basic 4.5
By: Microsoft
This is the "Professional" version of Qbasic and was hard to find for a number of years. This version lets you write bigger programs, but best of all you can compile them! That's right! You no longer have to worry if your final recipient has Qbasic or not, they can just run your compiled executable file! Though there are exceptions, like the "CHAIN" command tends to crash out compiled source codes but it's still good. It also works as normal interpreter.