NE COBOL Projects:

COBOL RSS Reader - Application
Screenshot from 01/2021 Screenshot from 01/2021

Video demo showing features 01/2021:

CRSSR is console application that can load and view RSS feeds from the web. Feeds can be added and deleted as needed. They can also be refreshed on demand with F5. Existing feeds will automatically pull and update as needed on start up. Feed items can be opened in the Lynx web browser (if installed) by hitting enter while viewing the item. Downloaded and parsed feeds can also be exported to text files by hitting F8 off the main menu.

I know the RSS format is mostly dead these days but I had just implemented the feature back into the NE Disc App site (original site had RSS feed feature) and was also looking for a new COBOL project to work on. As both RSS & COBOL are considered old and outdated by most people these days, it seemed like good match for a new project on this site.

Current info: Here (GitHub link)
Downloads: In COBOL files section

Platform: Linux. Other platforms not tested.
Start Date: 11/2020
Last Updated: 02/2021 (See current info link for latest updates)
Latest Release: Version 0.35 - 02/2021

Wry COBOL - Adventure
Screenshot from 3/2019 Screenshot from 3/2019

This is a port of the original Qbasic game I created called Wry. The engine for the game is written in COBOL (GnuCOBOL to be exact). The data files that are used to play each episode and their stories were generated from the original Wry source code and parsed through a Java application I created called "Wry Parser" (how original).

The game includes all original episodes as well as the unlocking of episode 4 after one of the first three episodes are completed. This version of the game does not suffer from the dreaded stack over flow issue the original game had.

This game was created sort of as a celebration of the 20 year anniversary of this website. (and 19th anniversary of the original Wry game)

Current info: Here (GitHub link)
Downloads: In COBOL files section

Platform: Anything that can compile GnuCOBOL applications. :)
Release Date: 2/22/19 (ver 1.0).