COBOL Files:

Here are all the COBOL files this site has available for you to download. To download the file, simply right click the "Download" link of the game/program and select "Save As". Or you can always just click on it, and if your browser doesn't attempt to open it in itself, you should get a similar prompt. All programs are written by me unless otherwise specified.

Note: If you're looking for the NE COBOL Editor download, that can be found in the Visual Basic file download section here.

COBOL Example Programs (04/2020 - present) (Linux / Win)
In the link below, you can find an ever growing collection of test and example COBOL programs I've written in GnuCOBOL. These programs are simple single-purpose applications used to test out and explore different features and syntaxes of the language. Sometimes I find it hard to find simple straightforward examples of COBOL code so I decided to create a repository of my test programs. This repo will be updated from time to time as I try out new things that I feel are potentially worth sharing.

Link to source code (GitHub)

COBORDLE - COBOL WORDLE (04/2022) (Linux)
Inspired by Graham's WORDLE clone created for QB (Link), I created a version of Wordle written in COBOL. No new functionality really, it's just a simple Wordle clone written in COBOL. Click on the screenshots/video link to see it in action. Or better yet, download and try it yourself! :)

GitHub Project Link | Download source code | Screen shot and demo video | Download word list for app | Forum Post

COBOL Guest Book Web App (03/26/2021) (Linux/Web)
Out of pure curiosity, I created a guest book web app that has a posgresql database back end written in GnuCOBOL. It actually works surprisingly well even though COBOL isn't the first language you think when it comes to websites. The simple demonstration has the ability to view and sign the guest book. It requires a few dependencies to compile, all of which are listed on the GitHub page or the included readme file.

Download v1.0 Source | GitHub Page | Screen shots | Forum Post | Live Demo (no guarantee on uptime)

CRSSR - COBOL RSS Reader v0.50 (10/2021) (Linux)
This is the 2nd release of the COBOL RSS Reader. There are some bug fixes that were present in the original version as well as some new features. New features include mouse support, application auto configuration as well as manual configurations, ability to use wget or curl to download feeds, using lynx or links to open feed items, and the option to reparse failed feeds with formatting them using xmllint (if installed).

Download v0.50 Source | GitHub Release Page | Project Page with more info and screen shots

CRSSR - COBOL RSS Reader v0.35 (02/2021) (Linux)
This is the initial release of CRSSR. It is a console based RSS reader where you can add and remove feeds that you would like to keep track of. Feeds are updated when the application opens or you can manually pull the latest RSS feed data by pressing "F5" on the main menu. You can also open the feed items in the Lynx web browser if it is installed on your computer. Being this is the first release, there are probably bugs but all the functionality should be there.

Download v0.35 Source | Download v0.35 deb install package | GitHub Release Page | Project Page with more info and screen shots

D&D Dice Roller (03/2021) (Linux / Win)
This is a Dungeons and Dragons dice rolling program. You can enter the number of dice, the number of sides of the dice as well as a modifier amount and roll it in a simple command line fashion. The output of the roll will give you each dice value with and without the modifier, the max roll, the total roll and the max and total rolls with the modifier added. I've used it for a few D&D sessions and it's been pretty useful.

Enter dice to roll: 2d20+1
Number of dice: 2
Number of sides: 20
Modifier: 01
Dice value: 11
Dice Value (with modifier): 12
Dice value: 13
Dice Value (with modifier): 14
Max roll: 13
Roll total: 024
Max roll (with modifier): 14
Roll total (with modifier): 026
Download v1.0 Source (03/2021) | Download v0.1 Source (06/2020)

Wry COBOL (02/2019) (Linux / Win)
Here is the downloads for the Wry port of the original Qbasic release of Wry. This version of Wry is written using GnuCOBOL so it can be compiled on almost any platform. The data files for this project were generated using the Wry Parser Java application I created which reads in the original Qbasic source file and outputs the data files used by this application.

All four episodes are available and it does not suffer from the stack over flow issues that original game did. Currently sources and releases are hosted on GitHub (links below). There is also a .deb package if you are using a 64-bit debian based distro.

If compiling from source, you will need to download the data files below if you don't plan on running the Wry Parser application to create them. The data directory in the zip file gets placed in the same directory as you wry-cobol executable file.

Download v1.0 Debian Install Package | Download story data files for Wry COBOL (needed if compiled from source) | Link to v1.0 Release Downloads on GitHub | Download Source Code | Screen shots

DOS Test Game (02/2021) (DOS)
This "game" was a test program I wrote on my 486 to test out writting a longer COBOL program using my Windows 3.1 NE COBOL EDITOR.

There's not really much to it besides being able to move around and avoid enemies. When an enemy touches you, there's a grace period before they get a move and cause any damage. If your health reaches zero, it's game over. The enemies are very basic but they will chase you around the screen.

Unlike the other programs on this page, this game was written with Microsoft COBOL 5.0

Download (2021-02-16) | Screen shots | YouTube Video Example