COBOL Files:

Here are all the COBOL files this site has available for you to download. To download the file, simply right click the "Download" link of the game/program and select "Save As". Or you can always just click on it, and if your browser doesn't attempt to open it in itself, you should get a similar prompt. Files are by me. No guarantees on how well they work.

NE Files

Wry COBOL (02/2019) (Linux / Win)
Here is the downloads for the Wry port of the original Qbasic release of Wry. This version of Wry is written using GnuCOBOL so it can be compiled on almost any platform. The data files for this project were generated using the Wry Parser Java application I created which reads in the original Qbasic source file and outputs the data files used by this application.

All four episodes are available and it does not suffer from the stack over flow issues that original game did. Currently sources and releases are hosted on GitHub (links below). There is also a .deb package if you are using a 64-bit debian based distro.

If compiling from source, you will need to download the data files below if you don't plan on running the Wry Parser application to create them. The data directory in the zip file gets placed in the same directory as you wry-cobol executable file.

Download v1.0 Debian Install Package | Download story data files for Wry COBOL (needed if compiled from source) | Link to v1.0 Release Downloads on GitHub | Screen shots