NE Qbasic Projects:

Santa's Delivery Rush - Action
Title Screen Game play
Santa's Delivery Rush (SDR) is an action game where you play as Santa trying to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve before daylight comes. During the game play you must avoid snooping people who have waited up to try and catch Santa delivering gifts. Giving them a gift will send them back to bed but will also decrease the amount of presents you've delivered. There are different items in the game that can help (or not!) you on your journey. The main game has 25 levels (not including bonus levels) and a high score system. There is also a level editor and sprite editing tools included to create your own levels (or edit the ones that are included).

Download Final Release: Santa's Delivery Rush v1.00 (2022-12-24)
Download: Santa's Delivery Rush Demo (2022-01-07)
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Platform: DOS
Start Date: 12/2021
Release Date: 12/24/2022

NE File Utility - Utility
Main screen Options menu
NE File Utility is an application that works similar to DOS Shell. In it, you can manage files and directories. You can also launch applications from inside the application (with or without configured run options). There is a DOSBox mode for anyone who is running the application in the DOSBox emulator. Due to missing features in DOSBox's directory listings, some functionality is disabled. Additional features include color scheme settings and screen resolution settings.

Download: NE File Util v0.40-RC1 (06-22-2020)
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Platform: DOS
Last Update: 06/2020

Santa's Christmas Rescue - Action
Title Screen Game play Level Editor
This is a Christmas game that I created to challenge myself to see if I could create a Qbasic game under a time frame of less than a few days. I tried to go all out with it and I think it came out pretty decent (Better than my previous Qb games at least). There's still many bugs left in the code to work out but I wanted to make sure that it was available on Christmas Day. Please let me know of any bugs you find on the forums and I will work on getting them resolved in the future. For those wondering what this game is, it's a platformer game where you collect presents and kill evil robot elves. There is also a level editor included so you can create and play your own levels on it. The regular game has 25 levels included.

Fixes for version 1.2:
 Bug Fixes / New Features:
   - Player no longer falls through platform on jump that goes off
     screen. (Puckdropper)
   - Player can no longer jump above screen. (Puckdropper)
   - Jump height slightly increased. (Puckdropper)
   - Error handler now attempts to reset working directory on
   - file errors.
   - gameRootDir variable at beginning to config and set working
   - Highscore name length increased.
   - Level is now redrawn if player dies from enemy
   - Bonus present added worth 500 points.
   - Fixed bug where game would finish after level 16 even though
     there are 25 levels.
   - Fixed bug where highscores aren't asked to entered after
     game is completed.
   - Jumping under platforms higher than player now works correctly.
   - Fixed issue with enemies clipping floor sprite edges away while
   - Levels reworked to include new bonus presents.

Download: v1.2 Here (Latest version) | v1.0 Here
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Platform: DOS
Last Update: 2/6/2018

Wry 3.3 - Action/Comedy
Forest stage from mid-2006 version.
Wry 3 is the third installment of the Wry series. This version is a side view action game similar to Wry 2 but also includes multiple choices along the way in the form of text blocks to decide the players next move similar to Wry 1. All in all, I believe there has been about three full re-writes of this game's source code. Latest version can be found in the link below.

Current screenshots & Info: Here
Old screenshots & Info: Here

Platform: DOS
Last Update: 2/2/2017

Hellbent: Action/RPG
2006 Version Dungeon In Town
This is an action RPG I've been working on. It's a top view ASCII game. The basic idea of the gameplay is that you pick one of three types of characters (Fighter, Mage, Archer), enter a level and fight your way to the boss. Beat the boss and move on. Well there's more to it then that, there's a story line and a save system. Each class also has very different abilities. It may sound a little "iffy" but if you played it you'd be surprised at how addicting it really is. "Just 100 EXP to the level 35! c'mon!"

Current screenshots & Info: Here

Platform: DOS
Last Update: 2/2/2017

Terror - Fear the Unknown: Survival Horror
In a hallway Back upstairs staircase landing
This is a survival horror Qbasic game, quite possibly the first. The story is sort of simple. You an your friends are camping and you doze off and when you wake up all you friends are dead except one, who is standing over you wielding a mighty axe. Running through the woods you make it to a deserted mansion. You run in a door and lock it behind you... You friend feverously bangs on the door.. eventually gives up, but there is a crash of glass from a room ahead. In this game you must solve puzzles and avoid being your crazed friends next victim. It's displayed in fixed camera angle perspective.

Current screenshots & Info: Here

Platform: DOS
Last Update: 2/2/2017