Last Updated: 2/2/17
Genre: Action/RPG
Platform: DOS
Release Date: TBA
Latest Source: Click Here
Old Demo: In Qbasic files section

I dug up the version of Hellbent I was working on back in Summer of 2006 and added to the download link above under "Latest Source". This version was a complete re-write from scratch. It has a full working random weapon drop system complete with special rare weapons. There is a full working inventory screen where you can examine, drop and equip items you pick up. (Or use if they're health or healing items). The inventory screen also has a dungeon map that gets revealed as you explore the dungeon.

Bad guys can be attacked with your main equiped weapon (using space bar) or through magical spells that cost MP. (Fire, Ice, Dark). You can also cast a heal spell to heal yourself if you're hurt or a return spell to leave the dungeon.

Example of highest level dark spell being cast.

Breakdown of spells:

Enemies, people, item boxes and items are all targeted automatically based on what's closest in range. You can cycle through the targeted selection by using the "t" key.

I should note that the character that's included in the latest source release from 2006 has every spell unlocked as well as special armor and weapons. You can reset the player by modifying the PLAYER.DAT or TEMP.DAT files. HELLBENT.BAS is the latest version of the game. I also included HELLBNT2.BAS which is a little older but has working room to room transitions that got broken sometime in Aug 2006. There is also a full change.log in the zip file as well. If you're using Dosbox, you'll probably have to slow the game down a bit as it doesn't really have any useful frames per second control.


PLEASE NOTE: Images are VERY out of date. New ones coming soon!

Screenshot of inside a dungeon (demo)

Hellbent is an ASCII top-view action/rpg where you go into dungeons and kill all the baddies you encounter. While doing so, you collect a myriad of items (over 100 different items!). Items range from weapons, armors, and potions. There are rare weapons and armors to collect and certain dungeons only drop certain rare items and "stock" items. Drops are random and so are their stats. (Within a given range). This makes almost no weapon the same, even if of the same type! Don't worry about getting lost, there's a built in map that shows you were you've been and where you are currently in the level grid!

Screenshot of inside town (demo)

In town you can prepare for you quests into the dungeon. You can buy/sell items and get you next quests location unlocked. (Granted you beat the necessary prerequisites). When you enter a level it's map is selected randomly so you're not always running through the same level over and over again. Layouts will change each time you enter a level, adding to replay! Hopefully this, with conjunction of the large "random" factor, will help the game be more enjoyable and addicting to it's players.

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