Wry 3.3:

Last Updated: 2/2/17
Genre: Action/Comedy
Platform: DOS
Release Date: TBA
Latest Source: [6-26-06]: Click Here
Demo Version 2 [9-28-04]: In Qbasic files section
Demo Version 1 [1-15-02]: In Qbasic files section


I dug up the old source files for Wry 3 from 2006 from my 486. I noticed the other day that the latest incarnation of this game was missing from the website. The version linked under "latest source" is an almost complete version of the game. There are a ton of levels, a complete tutorial section, multiple paths and you can also backtrack if you want!

The game has multiple levels of difficulty you can select from the title screen. Honestly, "easy" can be pretty hard to make it to the end because of the fact you're only given one life to complete the whole game. (I'm not sure what I was thinking there). One wrong jump into a pit and it's game over.

There is a debug menu built in that you can control area variables, make yourself invincible (not to pits though!) and also area skip if you want. The commands to this prompt can be found buried in the source code.

Honestly, it's sort of a bummer I never finished this project and ended up getting distracted by the Hellbent re-write (Which I also didn't finish...). It could easily be finished a few screens after what's already in this version as the game is pretty long as-is. Maybe sometime in the future, who knows!

The pics from the previous update are from the same version as the one posted today, they are just of an earlier version than this. Below are some pics from the latest version.

Forest area of game
Sign posts dictate where the game goes next


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The new sprite graphics gameplay

This is the first screen shot released of the new version of Wry 3. It's from a really early version of the engine where you could only walk back and forth. It does use sprites instead of ASCII characters to display the graphics though.

In game tips!

A newer screen shot than the previous one showing the "in game" tips feature. (Accessed via "F1" key). And also demonstrating "jumping". He's not floating there he's just mid jump with the tips screen up. Jumps actually work in this version too! So you can jump "platform" genre style anywhere you want to!

Same old pretitle.

I just figured I'd show the pretitle because it's been the same NE logo (and screen!) since the original Wry and it's going to stay that way until I'm done programming in Qbasic. (Yes that's done with ASCII characters).

New Title Screen

This is a look at the new title screen I've worked up. It took me a while to do because I had to use the "LINE" command to get the word "WRY" just how I wanted it. As you can see the screen is more up to the original "Wry" standard as opposed to the "eh" one of "Wry 2".

That's it for now!

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