Wry 3.x: (Old versions)

Last Updated: 8/8/06
Genre: Action/Comedy
Platform: DOS
Release Date: None. Replaced by newer re-write.
Demo Version 2 [9-28-04]: In Qbasic files section
Demo Version 1 [1-15-02]: In Qbasic files section

NOTE: This version will not be worked on. Please see current Wry 3 projects page for updates


The old ASCII graphics gameplay

The old version used the standard ASCII character set to view every "graphic" the game had. It's generally a quick and memory cheap way to view the game but it does have some severe limitations. (Larger more complex objects were more costly if done this way). The new version of the game uses pre-created sprites to deal with this problem.

The old title screen

The old title screen wasn't actually that bad. Again it used the ASCII standard character set to view everything. (Except the stars that was generated by a random "pset" command stolen from Wry 1). The new version is much better, again it's not held back by the limitations of using text characters as this one was.

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