Wry Monochrome Screenshots:

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Date check at start to verify date is set before game starts. If the date is not currently set to 01-01-1980 (default) this check will be skipped and the game will start without any message being prompted. This check is so the date in the stats are correct. It's added because most IBM PC/XT and clones of the era do not have a battery back up for the date/time so they default boot to 01-01-1980.

Data check Screen

Below are comparisons between running the game on an IBM 5151 monochrome monitor and running in regular color (in this case DOSBox). I'm not good at taking pictures so excuse the monochrome picture quality (it looks very nice and crisp in person).

Title Screen:

Title Screen Mono Title Screen Color

Game play:

Game play mono Game play color


Main menu mono Main menu color