Java Files:

Here are all the Java files this site has available for you to download. To download the file, simply right click the "Download" link of the game/program and select "Save As". Or you can always just click on it, and if your browser doesn't attempt to open it in itself, you should get a similar prompt. Enjoy!

NE Files

Wry Parser (02/2019)
This is the release of the Wry source code parsing application. This application reads in the the original Wry QBasic source code and outputs the data files into different formats so the game can be loaded into different game engines. Version 1.0 curently only supports exporting to my Wry COBOL engine. These output data files are required to play the game. It's a very specific and mostly useless project but was cool to make none the less.

One of the cool things with the parser is that there's a debug flag you can add ("-p" or "--play") that allows you to play the current parsed source code in it's own Wry game engine. (Useful to help further track down parsing errors, or just messing around)

Download v1.0 | Link to Release page on GitHub | Screen shot