NE Perl Projects:

RPG Gfx Alpha Demo

This is a remake of the
RPG NET Alpha graphics demo in the C++ section from 2006 using the Perl SDL library. I guess it's not so much as a project but just a download (will move later). There's not really much more to it. I recrated the original RPG NET Graphics demo I wrote in C++ back in 2006 in Perl. It actually runs better than the original and has better collision detection though getting the module dependencies installed were a bit of a pain.

Side by Side images
C++ Screen shot Perl screen shot

Video comparing the two:
First is the unedited C++ version, then is the Perl version. Each time I start the Perl version, I add more enemies until the frame rate almost hits zero.

GitHub Project Link: Currently private. May make public down the road.
Forum Post with screenshots, video, and more info: Link

Initial Release Date: 04/2023
Latest Release Date: 04/2023


This is sort of a remake of the
RPG_Net 2.0 C++ project. I say sort of being that this one is much more complete so far. It has a server and client applications. The game is a top view ASCII action RPG that resembles a Roguelike game but gameplay more in the same vein as Zelda but with multiple players.

So far, there's a world with a few screens in which multiple players can join and then walk around in. They can also chat with other players. Needless to say there's a ton of work to still do... will it get done? Who knows.

GitHub Project Link: Here

Initial Start Date: 08/2022
Latest Update: 09/30/2022