NE Perl Projects:

NE DiscApp Listserv - Defunct

The DiscApp 'Listserv' project replaces the now defunct DiscApp Notifier Java project. The original Notification service was a bit a hacked together backend server app that required a wake up ping around the time of subscription emails being sent out. It also only sent subscription based emails and relied on database or physical config file values to format the outbound emails. All other outbound emails were still handled by the main web server. I ended up migrating that functionality to the main web server sometime around October 2022.

Enter this project, the NE DiscApp Listserv around 06/2023. Basically the whole purpose of this project was to consolidate all outbound emails under one single backend server application that didn't require any wake up pings or database connections. This server does use an internal REST API with the main web server to gather what to send but the actual emails are generated using its own internal template processor. Each email has its own template file that is then processed for each outgoing message to the proper output.

All in all, it's a much nicer to deal with set up than the mix of Notifier service and main server sending emails or all the emails getting sent out of the main web server in a hacked in expanded emailing functionality.

GitHub Project Link: Currently private. May make public down the road.

Initial Release Date: 06/2023
Last Release Date: 08/03/2023

Web Site Log Scaper

This is another backend server helper application for the main forum site. This one runs on a cron job that scrapes the tomcat logs of the main forum site to gather stats on how long requests take and what pages are being accessed. No personally identifiable information is gathered. This cronjob basically is just for me to see what URLs are poorly performing or which ones are getting traffic. The scaped date is then used in the
Forum Stats website.

GitHub Project Link: Currently private. May make public down the road.

Initial Release Date: 04/2023
Latest Release Date: 07/10/2023

RPG Gfx Alpha Demo

This is a remake of the
RPG NET Alpha graphics demo in the C++ section from 2006 using the Perl SDL library. I guess it's not so much as a project but just a download (will move later). There's not really much more to it. I recrated the original RPG NET Graphics demo I wrote in C++ back in 2006 in Perl. It actually runs better than the original and has better collision detection though getting the module dependencies installed were a bit of a pain.

Side by Side images
C++ Screen shot Perl screen shot

Video comparing the two:
First is the unedited C++ version, then is the Perl version. Each time I start the Perl version, I add more enemies until the frame rate almost hits zero.

GitHub Project Link: Currently private. May make public down the road.
Forum Post with screenshots, video, and more info: Link

Initial Release Date: 04/2023
Latest Release Date: 04/2023


This is sort of a remake of the
RPG_Net 2.0 C++ project. I say sort of being that this one is much more complete so far. It has a server and client applications. The game is a top view ASCII action RPG that resembles a Roguelike game but gameplay more in the same vein as Zelda but with multiple players.

So far, there's a world with a few screens in which multiple players can join and then walk around in. They can also chat with other players. Needless to say there's a ton of work to still do... will it get done? Who knows.

GitHub Project Link: Here

Initial Start Date: 08/2022
Latest Update: 09/30/2022