NE Web Projects:

NE DiscApp - Message Board Service - Defunct
NEMB screenshot
The original NEMB forum hosting unfortunately closed for good on 10/31/2019 after over 20 years of service. This project is a remake completely rewritten from scratch of the original hosting service with the same look and feel.

This project has expanded from it's original intention of just a NEMB remake and now is a fully blown message board hosting service that is (more or less) a direct replacement to the original disc app service. With the current release there are already other forums which have migrated over and hopefully more will come online down the road.

Production Site: - Offline

GitHub Main Webserver Project Link: Offline
GitHub Email Notification Service Project Link: Offline (Decommissioned 10/2022, replaced with DiscApp Listserv (Also Defunct))
Original Design Document: Here (Archive purposes only: Last update 05/2019)

Written In: Java / Spring
Initial Release Date: 10/2019
Last Release Date: 08/02/2023
Current NE DiscApp Change Log: NeDiscApp Change Log - Offline
Original NEMB Change Log Posts (no longer updated since 4/24/2020): Link

NE DiscApp - Perl Version - Defunct

This is actually a stripped down version of the NE DiscApp site that only includes the message board functionality. It's fully functional (though my free hosting is very slow). There's no actual reason for this project except that I was interested to see how much work it would be to recreate the DiscApp site back in its original language (Perl).

It turns out, it really wasn't too bad thanks to the Mojolicious framework. This 'project' is more or less complete unless for some reason I have a sudden urge to go back and expand it.

Production Site: Offline

GitHub Project Link: Offline

Written In: Perl (Mojolicious)
Initial Release Date: 02/2023
Last Release Date: 06/02/2023

Forum Statistics Website

The statistics website is a simple web app that displays statistical information on how long requests are taking to process. There's also an option to export the stats data to a CSV file. This site uses the
Web Site Log Scraper as its source of statistical data.

Production Site: Here

GitHub Project Link: Currently private. May change later.

Written In: Perl (Mojolicious)
Initial Release Date: 12/2022
Latest Release Date: 09/05/2023
Version: 0.21
Forum Post: Link


Wry HTML is an all HTML version of the original Wry Qbasic game. This version was created using the Wry Source Parser (in Java section) and creating a new output writer to write each page as an HTML page. Pages are linked by their generated IDs in the filename. Not much activity on this project as it was more of a proof of concept that just so happened to work.
The latest release is fully functional and even includes the original title screen.

Written In: HTML
Latest Release:
Wry HTML Beta 3 (Released 12/03/19)
Original Release: Wry HTML Alpha (Release 12/01/19)
Forum Post: Link