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Pete's Qbasic Site
This is a very well known Qbasic site... and for some reason he randomly added my link to his website. I'm a huge fan of the site so I figured I would return the favor. Anything you EVER need on Qbasic can be found at this amazing web site. Check it out.

Uncreative Labs
Uncreative labs is an awesome site if you need support for you IBM PC/XT. (for those of us that still have them) It also hosts an amazing web forum for tech support for any computer from the 486 and below.

QB Mike Hawk Website
One of the few QB sites that's still kicking and active in 2020 and beyond. Has a bunch of his own programs as well as reviews, articles, specs and more information. Definitely worth checking out. This guy has some serious QB programming chops.
This site is an amazing resource for looking up any information on the the standard C/C++ library. They also have a tutorials section, articles and a forum. My number one go-to C++ reference.

Puckdropper's Place
This is a really cool web site. It's puckdropper's, it has some Qbasic but is more (IMO) a computer page.. it's really good, check it out! Becareful though, he knows all.... Even what you're doing right now.

Qbasic/QuickBasic News
This site has some interesting news articles pertaining to Qbasic. It's updated pretty often. It also has some tutorials and a forum.

VPlanet - Qbasic Game Review Magazine
Although this site is no longer updated, it hosts a large amount of Qbasic related game reviews and other interesting articles. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some quality (or not) QB games to play that you may have missed in the past.

Phat Code
A still active programming site with QB, Assembly and vintage computer related things. It also hosts an array of other interesting sites. Definitely worth checking out.

Phat Code : QB Games Database
One of the cool hosted things over at Phat code. It's a sub site full of a ton of Qbasic games that are now becoming hard to find. Definitely worth a look if you're looking for some Qbasic games to check out.

Acid Works Basic Software | link
Update: Unfortunately this page has seemed to have disappeared in the recent years. I've attempted to reach out to the original owner with no luck. I'll leave the link here for now but I don't see it coming back. There should be a decent version on though.

Acid Works is a very old Qbasic site starting from 1997. The final update to the site was done in 2006 stating that it would not be updated again. As it sits right now, it's a good archive of the old site. There's good Qbasic information and programs here for those that are interested. Absolutely worth checking out if you're looking for Qbasic stuff and somehow have never stumbled upon this site before.

Top Gun Software
A Qbasic great programmer. It doesn't look like his site is going to be updated again though. He still has a great archive of released games up. Still waiting for SC3D!

Graham's World Wide Web Server
A cool oldschool personal site I stumbled across from Pete's QB forum. Has some personal programming projects that are pretty neat including a QB game that runs on any DOS computer that can at least display CGA graphics called "Thy Dungeonman".

Qbasic Tips
I salvaged this page from the old Acid Works page. Has some QB tips that may be useful. If you want the full Acid Works site, try the link above.

Jay Moseley's Page
This is a site I stumbled across looking for COBOL info. It has a few sections related to COBOL as well as one section for GNU COBOL specifically. There's also a section for emulation of the IBM System/360-390.