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Oh boy does this section need to be updated... It looks like it's been last updated some time in 2006 at best.
I'll add it to the "to-do" list. - 8/17

Ah, good ol' Nukem Enterprises, or "NE" for short. This is a programming alias I've gone under for a long while now. I was originally going under "Eriksen Inc." back in 1999 and then "Sublime Inc." a short while after. Both names didn't do it for me and finally I stumbled along the current. (Which was probably somewhere in the year 2000). The site has also bounced around a couple of servers. It's been on Geocities and also on http://members.aol.com. I tried to keep all the old Geocities sites up and running just to redirect traffic to here in case someone finds the web address in one of my older programs but unfortunately GeoCities finally closed down. I mean honestly, how many great Qbasic games/programs have you downloaded and then went to go to the site and found it no long exists? That's the let down I'm trying to avoid.

The early years of NE were fun and simple. I created this site because, and I quote the first update, "I just kept making project sites so now I made this!!! [the Eriksen Inc. Website]". Which was somewhat true. Every time I had a semi-large Qbasic program going, I would crack open a new subdirectory on my Geocities account and throw together a small and unattractive website about it. These sites usually topped at about 15 hits total. :P The Wry and the Doomed project websites are actually still up to this day. My site probably wouldn't have made it off the ground if someone by the name "ViperStrike" or should I say "Retna" hadn't found it. By finding my site, he included me in the little "loop" of Qbasic sites he and his friends that were affiliated with. (Getting my site the "oh so needed" publicity".)

As time went on, the site quickly grew. Within two months of updating the Eriksen Inc. website every day I decided to move it to my AOL account. (Yes, back in the day I did have AOL. I know, shame on me...). This site was located at http://members.aol.com/billa485. (It no longer exists). During this move, the site became known as "Sublime Inc" and then before the site moved back to Geocities it had changed to Nukem Enterprises. I kept the site there for about a year before I moved it back to the Geocities account due to transfer speeds and just plain crappy hosting on AOL's part.

The site sat in it's "Framed" version for another year before I switched to the "table" version that had been the sites look for the past four years. I stayed in the same URL for a long time, updating less and less often. Sometimes it would be MONTHS before a real update even happened. It wasn't until mid-2005 or so that I got back into the habit. Finally on 12/10/05 the website got up and moved once again to it's current location. And here we are, still churning out wonderful craptastic programs all these years later.

Oh, and just a little info incase anyone cares. This whole site is, and always has been, created from scratch by me. The current scheme I used NEdit text editor to create my files and Gimp to create my images. Please note that I did not create the pepper that I use oh so much. It's a brush style of the Gimp program and is owned by them. This website and all it's sub-sites are powered by and run off of Debian Linux.

I've hoped that you've enjoyed your visit thus far! Antiquated versions of this website can be found in the NE Archive, so check them out!

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