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It's been a long time since this message board has been updated, and I figure now that I updated just about everything on my web page I might as well update this too. Basically the rules are "no spamming" other than that you can speak whatever you feel, even if it's dumb. Well, that's it. Have fun! -Nukem

You're simply away too much. You should quit school, work, and eating and spend every free moment here. That way, you'll not be away more than I am.

I do have school, no job, but still eat. I'm here a lot, but I don't have much time for something else. --Puckdropper

I have a job and school, and I'm still here quite a bit. I have time for a few things here and there.. Not much, but I do. - Nukem

This is from the Nukem that is here often. Not the Nukem who's not here often or the Nukem who's not here often but says he's not.

How do you know we're not one in the same?
Got enough end font color code there?

You are one in the same, but yet different. You are Nukem, but you are not Nukem.

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counter broke.

Can you believe it?

No, can't say that i do.

Blurred visions is really gone.

Ok, yeah.. I do believe that... wait no it's not! It's back! You LIAR!! *attacks Puckdropper*

Blurred Visions is gone. Renta never updated the NEMB Saga 4 page, so it's not Blurred Visions. In fact, it's Blurry Visions now.

It's back...

Well then.. in that case, I guess so am I?
I see you on AIM, but you don't come here. It's your own board, you lazy QB giver-upper!

Actually I'm more on ICQ than AIM. I only go on AIM when people want to send me files. And I'm here pretty often now. I'd say 2nd most active poster here. so ha! *sticks out what's left of his chopped off tongue*.

Yeah... For a while JMB was the second most active poster here. Then I was the first and second most active poster here.

Yeah that was during last school year/summer. Over the summer I had a lot of work and such. Hey, remember the days before you came here? Well.. no, no you wouldn't.. but then I was the most active poster! *throws hands up in victory*

You really have to go back a long time. Think about it in years, can you believe it?

Yeah I know, I was thinking about that the other day. I've had this web site since I was in 8th grade. I'm a freshman in college now. That's 6 years come Feb. 6 years!!! That's pretty intense... well not intense, but if I was using the slang of the word, which I am, then it is. (That was confusing).

6 years??? Wow. What was life like without the NEMB? I can't remember, and I've probably only been here 4-5 years.

"Forces act when not restrained" - Puckdropper