Zombie Crisis:

Last Updated: 02/2021
Genre: Action/RPG
Platform: Atari 2600
Release Date: TBA - 2021

Beta v0.3a: v0.3a (NTSC/PAL60) Download (Release 02/10/2021)
Beta v0.3a Source: v0.3a Source Code Download (Release 02/10/2021)
Beta v0.2: v0.2 Download (Release 09/03/2020)
Beta v0.2 PAL60: v0.2 PAL60 Download (Release 09/13/2020)
Beta v0.1: v0.1 Download (Release 09/01/2020)
Note: Downloads are all NTSC TV format unless otherwise noted

	You finally took the long road trip up to Cranberry Lake, NY to pay your respects to 
your parents who passed years prior in an accident. You haven't visited their graves 
in many years and the guilt of never having the time to go finally caught up to you. 
While walking to the graveyard, you meet up with an old man who was your parent's 
friend and neighbor. He is happy to see you and lets you know he's going fishing at 
the lake just north of the cemetery and that you should  come seem him after your 
done with your folks to catch up.

While at the grave site you notice that the ground at another grave appears to 
break apart as a hand reaches through the soil....
On title screen, button starts the game. On "car" screen, button drives off.

Colored barriers require keys to unlock them. Treat the gun as a machine gun. Hold the button down when firing otherwise some enemies will take forever. Boss of area one is vulnerable on the right side. The forest is a maze and not all screens will make sense. Don't be surprised if you're turned around there. "Thin" ghosts are only easily hit from the the left or right side.


Mon Sept 13, 2020 3:45am

Created a release of Beta v0.2 that supports PAL60 TV format. This format is a color pallete swap that makes sure the game looks correctly when viewed on European televisions. No other bug fixes or features were added. Thanks to Random Terrain's easy conversion method I should now be able to release future updates in both TV formats easily.

Mon Sept 11, 2020 2:39pm

Screen shots from v0.2 Beta:
Screenshot from 9/2020 v0.2 Screenshot from 9/2020 v0.2

Beta v0.2 was release on 09/03/2020 to the Atari Age forums. It's also now available here. This beta allows you to play through a sort of unpolished version of the first section of the game up until the entrance of area 2. There are some bugs here and there as well as some improvements that need to be done that should be addressed in the next release.